Adele weight loss: Star in Glastonbury dress – diet that helped her lose 7 stone detailed

Adele showed off her incredible seven stone weight loss last night as she post a picture watching her 2016 Glastonbury set. She wore the same custom-made Chloe dress is the snap as she wore for the performance four years ago.

The singer is also said to have followed the Sirtfood diet, a plan that encourages followers to eat food with proteins that affect metabolism and inflammation.

Followers of the diet are allowed to eat foods such as dark chocolate, chilli and red wine.

However, there is a gruelling first phase.

Nutritionist Aidan Goggins, co-author of The Sirtfood Diet explains: “For the first three days, you restrict calorie intake to 1,000 calories a day, which includes drinking three sirtfood green juices plus eating a sirtfood-rich meal and snacking on antioxidant sirtfood bites.

“For the last four days, you up the calorie intake to 1,500 calories a day by consuming two sirtfood-rich meals and two green juices, cutting out the bites.”

Another celebrity has dropped a lot of weight in recent years. Chris Moles weight loss has impressed a lot of fans.

The radio DJ has lost five stone in total by following a new diet. 

The DJ limited his calorie intake to 2,000 calories a day. Chris swapped pizza and ice cream for vegetables.

He told the Mirror: “I’ve got David Haye’s old trainer who kills me. I’ve become obsessed with it [fitness].

“And I watch what I eat now that I’ve had to learn to cook for myself and that takes up a lot of my time, especially if I’m not drinking, which I have been trying not to do lately.”

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