Aldi: Mum shares tricks on how she feeds family of four for £10 each a week

Aldi often competes with low prices against rival discount store Lidl and was found to be one of the cheapest supermarkets in June according to Which? With a trolley of 78 items costing just £72.23. However regular Aldi customers have shared their top tips on Facebook on how they can feed their whole families for as little as £10 each a week.

Another person said: “It’s amazing how far a bag of potatoes can go.”

Aldi also offers weekly offers including their ‘Super 6’. This is when the discount supermarket picks six of their favourite fresh meat, fruit, fish and veg and offers it to customers at super low prices.

One woman explained how she plans her weekly meals around the offers that Aldi have and this helps her to make huge savings on her shop.

She also shared how she uses oats to make flour for pancakes and bulks out her mince meat dishes to save money as well as using fresh vegetables instead of frozen.

Posting to the same Facebook group, one mum shared how she managed to make huge savings on her weekly shop by visiting her local Aldi just before closing to pick up all the discounted items.

She managed to pick up meats including sausages, burgers, steaks and gammon steaks all for £24 which would normally have cost around double.

Supermarkets often reduce stock just before closing time or when an item is about to pass its sell by date.

However foods can be frozen and can last up to three months in the freezer, meaning you can not only save huge amounts of money but you will have food stocked for many months.

The shopper explained how her local Aldi closed at 4pm on a Sunday so she visited just before and managed to get her hands on meat deals.

The red sticker in Aldi means the item is at least 50 percent off which encourages shoppers to buy the food so it doesn’t go to waste.

Shopping at quieter times means you may be able to find more red sticker labels and make huge savings on your shop.

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