Andi Peters net worth: Huge fortune the TV presenter has made in his 30-year career

Andi is often teased by his colleague Piers Morgan for having the easiest job on the programme, as he often flies to far-flung destinations to present the details of competition prizes from beautiful beaches around the world. 

Andi regularly tells his fellow ITV hosts that “It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it”. 

However, since the pandemic Andi has been working from UK locations and even presenting from his own garden and garage. 

The star decorated his garage to make it look like an ITV studio and admitted he was enjoying the benefits of working from home. 

“I do it with my slippers on this is such a revelation,” he said one morning to presenters Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins. 

“This is going to be a hard toss up, between me going back to the Bahamas, or nah I’ll just go to the garage.

“I can put a wash on when I want to and make toast when I want to!”

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