Anna Soubry sparks social media meltdown before Sky News host shuts down Remainer on-air

Sky News’ host Adam Boulton slammed Anna Soubry for the “mistake” of trying to overturn the Brexit vote. During a heated debate on the fourth anniversary of the Brexit referendum, Boulton pointed out that this Remainer campaign “cost you your political career”. Reaction on social media also criticised Anna Soubry for “refusing to give up” on stopping Brexit and “still appearing bitter about Brexit”.

Ms Soubry told Adam Boulton that she did not “want to re-run old arguments” but went on to criticise Brexit as “a mistake and a fantasy”.

Boulton hit back: “Bearing in mind this cost you your political career, with hindsight, was it a mistake to devote so much energy to stop the decision?

“Would it have been more constructive to try and make it work once that decision came in on the 25th June 2016?”

The former Conservative MP responded: “I accepted we were leaving the EU. I was making the case to staying inside the customs union and single market. I then shifted to wanting a second referendum.”

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Adam Boulton intervened to point out that the entire point of a second referendum “was to stop us leaving”.

Ms Soubry added: “I think our country made a mistake four years ago.”

The outrage to the remarks on Twitter was immediate, with many criticising Ms Soubry for “still babbling the same old nonsense from four years ago – an ex-MP cursing four democratic votes”.

One viewer tweeted: “When will the sour grapes stop, seeing as you are now, quite rightly, without a career. At least something made me laugh this morning.”

David Sassoli said: “Together, we are very worried because we don’t see great enthusiasm from the British authorities and we don’t see a strong will to get to an agreement that satisfies all parties.”

The Prime Minister has said he will not extend the transition period with the deadline for an agreement on an extension next week.

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has said that “the ball is in the UK’s court” and there must be “clear signals” that progress can be made.

The Prime Minister has suggested that he wants a deal done by the end of July but Mr Barnier said the “moment of truth” would be in October.

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