Anne Hegerty net worth: Huge amount The Chase brainbox has made in her TV career

Anne Hegerty has become a household name as one of the smartest quiz show stars in the world. The 61-year-old is one of the regular “chasers” on ITV’s The Chase, as well as hosting Britain’s Brightest Family for the same channel. But how much money has she earned as she’s risen to fame? 

Anne has been outsmarting contestants on The Chase since joining in 2010. 

She even earned the nickname The Governess from her fans, thanks to her extensive knowledge that she’s demonstrated on the show. 

However, The Chase is not the only quiz programme the star has appeared on, though it’s where she initially found fame. 

She appeared as a contestant on Mastermind in 1988, and was even a “phone a friend” lifeline for someone on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. 

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In fact, The Governess recently admitted that it had affected her working life. 

Appearing on Loose Women in March this year, Anne said that The Chase saved her financially. 

She said if she hadn’t got the job she would have been “muddling along on benefits” and trying to earn enough as an academic proofreader. 

She said she struggled with the paperwork due to her autism but was otherwise good at the job. 

She had to audition for the show after someone suggested it to her, and soon found out she’d got the job. 

Anne Hegerty net worth 

Anne Hegerty is estimated to be worth around £2.3million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

It’s unknown exactly how much she got paid for her appearance on I’m a Celebrity, which notoriously pays huge sums of money depending on how famous the stars are.  

Celebrity PR specialist Ed Hopkins suggested in an interview that the figure could be in the tens of thousands.

He told The Sun: “Anne is a household name with the demographic who watch I’m A Celebrity.

“She’s also big in her own right and would have likely been offered between £60,000 to £80,000 to take part.”

With her newfound wealth Anne admitted on Loose Women that she has a bit of a habit of shopping on Facebook Marketplace for handmade items that she can’t find elsewhere. 

The salaries for The Chase stars are also unknown, but given its popularity and the wealth of those on it, it’s thought to be a decent sum. 

Anne’s co-star, fellow chaser Mark Labbett, is also thought to have a net worth of around £1.6million. 

The biggest prize amount ever won on the show is £70,000, after one contestant beat The Vixen in 2019. 

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