Barnier refuses to tear up Theresa May's withdrawal agreement – ignores Brexiteers plea

The European Commission insisted Boris Johnson would not be able to revisit the divorcee deal and should focus his energy on the future relationship talks. A spokesman said: “We are not renegotiating the Withdrawal Agreement. “The Withdrawal Agreement is already in force and we are now dedicating all of our efforts to agree a new partnership with the United Kingdom.”

The intervention came after the Centre for Brexit Policy published an 100-page analysis of the document that was mostly brokered by Theresa May’s government.

The dossier warned the Withdrawal Agreement contains “poison pills” which will undermine Britain’s freedom and could cost the country £165 billion.

David Frost, the Prime Minister’s chief negotiator with the EU, has previously claimed there was not enough time to fix all of the defects in order to deliver the Government’s promise to get Brexit done.


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