‘Biggest thank you ever!’ Businesses join forces for one last clap for key workers

Coronavirus workers have held the country together during the crisis supporting the most vulnerable in society.

It has been revealed that The NHS alongside other key workers is set to be rewarded for their efforts in a UK-wide recognition for their work.

High-profile industry leaders such as Dame Caroyln Fairburn, Director-General CBI, Dragons Dens star Peter Jones and HSBC boss Ian Stuart have pledged their support to the national thank you effort.

Business leaders have signed an open letter for an ‘epic applause’ for coronavirus workers.

Broadcasters will pause normal proceedings at 5pm on Sunday across the country to allow people to recognise the achievements of NHS staff and other key workers.

The UK have already shown support to frontline health staff following a national Thursday night ‘Clap for Carers.’

However, organiser Annemarie Plas brought an end to the weekly gathering last month after ten weeks.

Originally Plas was concerned that only she would be on the doorstep showing support for those workers.

Plas took a wooden spoon and pan to the front door to use in the Clap, but revealed neighbours were so keen, she resorted to using her hands.

Speaking last month, Plas said: “You hear a wave of sound coming from a few roads back, then start clapping,

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On the day that lockdown eases(July 4th), members of the public will be invited to place a candle in their windows to remember those who have died in the pandemic.

Public buildings will also join in with the humbling gesture lighting famous landmarks in NHS blue.

The Royal Albert Hall, Blackpool Tower, the Shard and the Wembley Arch will all light up blue in support of frontline workers.

The letter reads: “As businesses, we will be part of that moment because we too have many people to thank.

“Our colleagues, our suppliers, our customers and our communities.

“These have been difficult times for us all and we have only survived because of them.

Businesses were keen to point out that the ‘biggest thank you ever’ was just the start.

“We know that this crisis will have long-lasting and widespread ramifications with the potential impact on livelihoods as profound as the crisis itself.

“We know too that the only way we will get through this is if we build on the connections and community spirit we have nurtured in the last few months to build a kinder, compassionate, considerate world that can support each other through the years ahead.

“Businesses have a key role to play and as business leaders, we are committing ourselves to do all that we can to be part of building closer communities to build broader prosperity for all,” the letter added.


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