Brexit trade row explodes: Ireland's Simon Coveney issues threat as EU talks break down

Simon Coveney told Sky News’ Adam Boulton that tariffs and quotas will have to imposed as a result of a no trade deal Brexit. Mr Coveney added that trade between the UK and the European Union will occur on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms if a deal is not agreed upon by the end of 2020.

Mr Boulton asked: “The clock is ticking, if there is a no deal Brexit at the end of this year, what do you think would be the consequences for Ireland?”

The Irish Foreign Minister replied: “Well, first of all, we have a deal on Brexit, what is at stake now is whether we have a no trade deal Brexit.

“This is quite a different thing because we have an agreement that in legal effect solves the Irish border question.

“What we don’t have yet is a trade agreement that prevents tariffs and quotas being imposed which would be hugely damaging to the UK and damaging from an Irish perspective.

“We have limited time, the British Government has made it clear they are not going to look for an extension of the time beyond the end of this year.

“This transitional period is giving everyone a false sense of security towards Brexit.

“If we cannot get a trade deal in place between now and the end of the year then trade between the UK and the EU will happen on WTO terms.”

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