Car tyres cannot be changed by nine out of ten motorists – can you pass this simple quiz

Tyres must have at least 1.6mm of tread depth across the centre three quarters of the tyre to legally pass. It is also against the rules to have any damage on the tyre or have any bulges or cuts in the rubber. 

Karl Baker, spokesperson at Halfords Mobile Expert warned drivers itr had “never been more important” to learn basic road maintenance techniques. 

He said: “It’s surprising how many people don’t know how to change a tyre. 

“As lockdown is lifted, many of us will be taking longer journeys to visit friends and relatives. 

“As such, it’s never been more important for drivers to familiarise themselves with basic maintenance knowledge. 

Meanwhile 15 percent made the dangerous decision to use a jack straightaway which is not recommended. 

Over half of participants didn’t know the direction to turn the wheel nut to loosen the tyre from the vehicle. 

The quiz highlighted that experience prevailed with 19-24 year olds twice as likely to select the incorrect tools compared to those older than 65 years of age. 

But 52 percent of older drivers placed the jack incorrectly compared to just 20 percent of participants aged between 18 and 24. 

Drivers aged between 45 and 54 were the best performing with one in four participants completing all 11 stages correctly. 

Motorists can take part in the quiz by following this link and entering a few details about their current vehicle and how confident they are in changing a tyre prior to the test. 


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