China slammed for breaking 'promise' to WHO as 'secretive' nation hid coronavirus outbreak

In the BBC’s ‘China’s coronavirus coverup’ documentary, Lord Chris Patten said he was surprised at the extent of secrecy the Chinese Communist Party had displayed regarding the initial COVID-19 outbreak. Following the SARS coronavirus crisis the World Health Organisation strengthen early warning rules so that any suspected epidemic should be reported within 24 hours of discovery.

Lord Patten said: “I have been surprised by how even the Chinese Communist Party has been so secretive about it given the experience of SARS.

“Frankly there have been thousands of people who have lost their lives or livelihoods because China did not behave as it had promised it would behave in the International Health regulations.”

On January 1 2020 the WHO asked China about the mystery illness in Wuhan.

However, China confirmed the illness two days later and took a further 6 days to reveal it was dealing with a novel coronavirus.


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