Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan’s tea bag hack for smear and dirt free windows

Windows are often one of the last places in the home that people clean because they can take up a lot of time and require a lot of effort. In order to achieve perfectly smear free windows, lots of buffing is required to ensure they turn out perfectly. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one fan revealed how she used the tea bag cleaning hack to clean her bifold doors and windows.

The woman then said she just simply sprayed her cleaning mix onto her windows and wiped down with a kitchen towel for her amazing results.

Another cleaning fanatic replied: “Cleaned mine today, amazing streak free results!”

“I tried it today swell can’t believe how easy it was,” another person commented.

This woman explained how she used the Minky Microfibre Duster Cloth which produced the same results.

Other comments suggested using Zoflora so this would not only disinfect the windows but also leave a lasting fragrant smell for hours.

One Mrs Hinch fan revealed how this hack can be used for shower screens, wardrobes, mirrors as well as oven doors too.

However precaution should be taken when used on the oven doors to ensure all the cleaning mixture has been wiped away before you use the oven. 

She said that she bought the cheapest tea bags in the shop and the results were amazing so this hack doesn’t require fancy brands.

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