Coronavirus breakthrough: China becomes first to use experimental vaccine

The vaccine was developed by the People’s Liberation Army together with a Chinese pharmaceutical company. The titled Ad5-nCoV vaccine was reportedly jointly created by a team at the Academic Military Medical Sciences.

The development was led by Major General Chen Wei and Tianjin-based company CanSino Biologics.

It will be the first time a Covid-19 vaccine has be authorised for use for the military of a nation.

On Monday, CanSino said that the vaccine had been through two phases of clinical trials.

The phases indicated that it was safe and there was “relatively high” immune response to the antigen.

However, the vaccine is yet to start phase three trials.

These would confirm whether it can actually protect people from coronavirus infection.

The Chinese military has reportedly approved its use for a year but has not yet authorised it for civilian purposes.

The new candidate is based on an Ebola vaccine that was developed by Major General Chen Wei.

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The World Health Organisation have said that clinical trials are under way for 17 vaccines.

Seven of these have been developed in China.

A vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca is reportedly currently in phase three studies.

Phase one and two trails normally test whether a candidate is safe and if it can form an immune response from a person.

Vaccines have to complete all three stages of trails in order to be licensed.

CaSino in China announced that it had completed phase two of trails on 11 June.

However, the company has yet to release data from the study.

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