Costa Coffee launch: Adds limited edition honeycomb drinks to its menu today

Fans of Costa Coffee are in for a treat today as the chain is adding new drinks flavours to its menu. Honeycomb drinks are hitting chains across the country.

Costa Coffee Honeycomb range

Honeycomb latte Macchiato – From £2.95

Honeycomb Cappuccino – From £2.95

Honeycomb Iced latte – From £2.95

Honeycomb Iced Cappuccino – From £2.95

Honeycomb Cold Brew Coffee– From £2.95

Honeycomb Lemonade – From £2.65

Honeycomb Frostino with Light Dairy Swirl (with or without coffee) – From £3.45

Lidl is launching Spanish Week in stores from Thursday July 16.

The hugely popular Sol Mar Churros will be back on the shelves from Thursday to mark the start of Spanish Week.

They cost just £1.19 for a 500g bag, making them an absolute bargain.

Marks and Spencer reopened 118 M&S cafes in the UK. 

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