Couple separated for months reunites for 15 min.

DEXTER, Maine (WABI) – A Dexter couple that’s been married for over six decades has been separated for months due to COVID-19.

“We’ve been married 67 years,” says Mike Tilton.

Mike and Mary Tilton have had a long happy marriage.

“Your adventure partner,” asked Margaret Towle, Mike and Mary’s daughter.

“Yea! I did what she told me,” answered Mike.

The couple were living in a senior facility together when Mary fell and was rehabbed at Dexter Health Care.

“Every single day he would go up to see her regardless of weather. Twice a day lots of times and he would take her lunch or ice cream,” says Margaret.

Then, at the beginning of March the family received a call that they were locking down the facility due to coronavirus concerns.

“They shut her in for several months. I even missed my anniversary,” says Mike

Mary has been able to FaceTime with Mike and their five children off and on.

The family says they appreciate the steps taken to keep her safe but it was very hard being apart, especially for Mike.

He says, “It’s awful lonesome home alone. It’s all quiet. The nights get long.”

“I think he shared some of the same fears that I did that the longer this went on…are they ever going to see each other face-to-face before something happens to one of them,” says Margaret.

Last week, Dexter Home Care called and said they were scheduling face-to-face visits.

Mike was able to see Mary from a distance for 15 minutes.

He says, “I just wanted to go grab her but they grabbed me and held me back.”

Mike says he was pretty much speechless when he saw her, “She looked pretty. Quite nice and it was just nice to be able to see her. 15 minutes isn’t very long.”

Mike and the family have more planned visits coming up but they are looking forward to the day they can embrace her again.

“Can’t wait to kiss her again, I bet,” asked Margaret.

“I want to hug her so tight she’ll break apart,” answered Mike.

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