Daily horoscope for June 29: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Monday’s horoscope is heavily influenced by Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn edging ever-closer to each other. The two planets meet for the second time this year tonight in a monumental triple Conjunction considered by some to be capable of reshaping the world.

While gas giant Jupiter and distant planetlet Pluto will meet a few times in a single lifetime, it is rarely like this.

The last time such an astrological event occurred was at the dawn of a new age in the 1950s.

This promised of a new world, with a reevaluated economy, legal system and set of ethics.

And the world is transforming in front of your very eyes again.

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While such a transformation is an inspirational concept, it is never very comfortable when the thing that is actually changing includes you.

You are going to have to shift and it will be some time until a safe space is found where things begin to settle down.

That moment is not arriving any time soon though – at least this year.

Gas giant Jupiter and Pluto are meeting again and they will not be happy until every last remnant of that old, decaying and decadent society is finally in the bin.

The Square aspects represent conflict and challenges between the planets involved.

When the planets in our charts are Square to each other, each planet is thought to become stressed.

As the Libra Moon Squares Jupiter and Pluto today, it creates the opportunity to ask yourself exactly where you need to let go

Now is the time to transform that part of your life by taking a leap of faith.

Astrologers agree your star sign will determine exactly how this period will affect you.

If you are an Aries or Sagittarius, this could impact your career or finances.

Your home and approach or attitude to life will be affected for those in Libra or Capricorn.

And for those in Leo Virgo, Pisces and Cancer can anticipate their work, love life, ideals and partnerships to be affected.

The Moon enters Scorpio before the day is out where it Squares Saturn in Aquarius.

Many believe the buck stops here, so the start of the working week is a time to draw a line under it.

A Lunar Eclipse is on the cards before the week is out and that will make it clear what you have to do.


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