Daily horoscope for June 30: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Tuesday’s horoscope is profoundly affected by Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn Conjunct. This takes place just as Mercury is swallowed up by the Sun.

That second little drama is Square asteroid Chiron and Sextile Uranus.

And taken in total, there is far too much going on, meaning this month will go out with a bang.

The Pluto-Jupiter Conjunction is the major news of the day for your horoscope.

As this cosmic pair drive home, they offer the option of regenerating or perishing.

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Unexpected news could throw you for a loop but with the Sun also close by, a daring thought gets hold of you.

This is a fantastic seed of a brand new beginning, so nurture it.

Healing is high on the agenda this Tuesday.

As the Sun and Mercury Square Chiron in Aries, you are called to find your own truth, to speak in an authentic voice.

You can be sure the experience will be truly liberating.

And that is because Uranus is close by, Sextile both the Sun and Mercury, giving you an opportunity to be truly special, unique, individual, unrepeatable you.

As the Scorpio Moon Trines Mercury and the Sun, opposing Uranus, you are ready to take that leap of faith.

As a result, give your confidence a boost and do something different.

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