DIY bath bomb: How to make bath bombs

Bath bombs are pricey, especially since they aren’t reusable. You don’t need to be a scientist to make a bath bomb as they’re easy to make at home with a few ingredients. talks you through BBC Good Food’s bath bomb recipe. This recipe makes four half bath bomb balls or two full bath bombs balls.


• 100g bicarbonate of soda
• 50g citric acid
• 25g cornflour
• 25g Epsom salt (optional)
• 2 tbsp oil – such as sunflower, coconut or olive oil
• A quarter tsp essential oil, such as orange, lavender or chamomile
• A few drops of liquid food colouring
• Arange peel, lavender or rose petals, to decorate (optional)

You can buy citric acid online and from large pharmacies.

Use liquid food colouring instead of gels or powder.

This is because liquid food colouring won’t clump when added to bicarbonate, so they are easier to mix.

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Step three

Very slowly add the oil mixture into the dry ingredients a little at a time, whisking between each addition.

When all the oil is added, add a few tiny drops of water and whisk again (it will fizz when you add the water, so mix it in quickly).

You’re looking for the mixture to slightly clump together when pressed in your hand and keep its shape – it shouldn’t be too wet.

The aim is to get the mix into the mould as quickly as possible, so don’t wait around.

Step four

If you’re adding peel or flower petals to decorate, drop them into the bottom of your chosen mould.

Pack your mixture tightly on top, pressing down and smoothing out the top with a teaspoon.

Step five

Leave your bath bomb in the mould to dry for two to four hours, then carefully remove it.

Leave them uncovered in a cool, dry place. Make sure it won’t get wet or too hot.

It’s now ready to drop into the bath – watch it fizz away!

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