EU CRISIS: Brussels facing HUGE block to Brexit deal over hijacking by own member states

Face-to-face Brexit talks took place in Brussels today for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Although Boris Johnson’s aim for negotiations to be completed by the end of summer was deemed “wishful thinking” by Adam Parsons, the Sky News Europe Correspondent still warned that a deal needed to be done by the end of October latest. The reporter explained the haste was necessary to allow time for each Government of the 27 other nations of the European Union to ratify the agreement.

Mr Parsons said: “Indeed, even some regional governments will be involved in the process.

“For example, Wallonia here in Belgium will probably have to ratify.

“It was the last assembly to ratify a previous trade deal with Canada, it wanted to show its teeth.

“There’s politics going on all across Europe, wills within Europe.”

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He continued: “There are regional governments wanting to stand up to national governments.

“National governments might want to stand up to the European Government.

“And today, the European Government wants to stand up to the UK Government.

“That said, after the glacial progress of the last few months, there is a hope that today’s talks will push things forward and provide some much needed momentum.”

Mr Parsons added: “They have had negotiations via video conference.

“Both have said that there needs to be compromise, and neither of them have done.

“Officials from both sides have thought that things would probably have progressed better if they had had the opportunity to have those one-on-one chats away from the gaze of everyone else.

“That is what I think has been missing over the past few months. It’s felt very mechanical. very laboured.

“Now there is maybe a feeling of renewal that more impetus can be given.”


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