‘EU has NO future!’ Verhofstadt triggers backlash after praising Brussels recovery fund

After Brussels agreed to the huge €750bn (£677bn) recovery fund this week, the MEP and former Brexit coordinator, boasted the future is now solidarity within the bloc. Quickly after boasting of the vast coronavirus package, Twitter users savaged the former Brexit coordinator. Referencing Eurosceptics, Matteo Salvini and Geert Wilders, Mr Verhofstadt claimed the two had now been defeated by the announcement of the coronavirus package.

He said: “Right-wing nationalists & populists like Wilders & Salvini hate the EU recovery fund but for exactly the opposite reasons it helps too much it helps not enough!

“The future is solidarity, the future is Europe!”

However, some quickly responded  y stating the future of the EU is now more uncertain rather than secure.

One person said: “With the EU there is no future.”

Another said: “It’s doubtful there will be much Europe in the future.”

A third said: “Hurrah for free money and bottomless money pits.

“I’m absolutely certain there will never be any consequences.”

A fourth said: “Europe is great, but the European Union failed for every well doing member state.

JUST IN: EU supestate: 5.30am £677bn recovery deal is no-going-back moment

Despite the scepticism, the EU concluded on a package split between €390billion (£354billion) in grants and €360billion (£327billion) in loans.

The bloc also agreed a new seven-year Multiannual Financial Framework amounting to €1.074 trillion (£969billion).

In combination, the total financial output accumulated to €1.82 trillion (£1.64 trillion).

Although Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte claimed the new package would allow the country to rebuild the economy, his Dutch counterpart, Mark Rutte claimed the southern European states must overhaul their own economies before receiving the subsidies.

As well as the criticism over the fiscal makeup of the budget, the new package has also cancelled certain projects in order to create the fund.

Climate change activist, Greta Thunberg said: “As expected the EUCO resulted in some nice words, some vague distant incomplete climate targets nearly impossible to track and a complete denial of the climate emergency.”

The leader of Italian party, Lega, Mr Salvini said: “This is a capitulation top to bottom without conditions to the decisions that in Greece were by the Troika and now they are by the Commission.

“Rutte could get up next spring and say ‘I’m not giving Italy any money unless they cut on pensions.

“Now, one could say ‘viva’ because that’s what they wanted. But this is what we’re talking about.

“The conditions written in this loan rhyme with tears and blood.”


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