EU panic as UK dismisses Brussels' demands threatening sovereignty 'We are incompatible!'

Shearman and Sterling partner, Barney Reynolds, argued the EU’s demands in the Brexit trade talks are inconsistent and incompatible with the UK’s aspirations. During an interview with, Mr Reynolds said the EU’s demands for fishing waters and a level playing field threaten the UK’s sovereignty. He added, the UK will dismiss these demands and questioned why the EU felt the UK would ever accept them.

He said: “I don’t know what the EU generally hopes to get.

“Some of their propositions on the table, that they have been pushing for the last couple months in these negotiations are incompatible with the agreed outcome of a sovereign UK.

“They are incompatible with the EU respecting the UK’s sovereignty and internal market.”

Mr Reynolds went into greater detail of demands the UK would not agree to in the next round of talks.

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He said: “That would include the idea of the so-called level playing field.

“This would involve the application of EU law in the UK, which is incompatible with UK sovereignty.

“It also included propositions on fishing which were incompatible with the UK’s reclaim of sovereignty over its waters.”

Mr Reynolds claimed the previous benefits of being part of the European Union was no longer wanted by the majority of Britons.

“Those two propositions of a level playing field and fishing, as well as numerous others, are incompatible with sovereignty.”

Mr Reynolds closed by reiterating his shock at the demands the EU has made during the trade talks.

He said: “I can’t believe the EU genuinely think the UK could have ever discussed or agreed to those propositions.

“They are inconsistent with leaving the EU and everything the EU has already agreed to.”


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