France faces ridicule after launching new political role – Minister for Attractiveness

The English Twitter account for the French Foreign Ministry revealed the new title of a junior minister for trade and “attractiveness” triggering a swarm of online mocking and questions asked whether the title had been mistranslated. In fact in French, the term “attractivité” is often used to refer to attracting investment.

But after an avalanche of mocking the French cabinet was forced into an embarrassing climbdown and is now changing the title!

The French foreign ministry assured followers it had researched the definition of the word in English.

But this did nothing to stop online critics from questioning the title.

On their Twitter account, France Diplomacy wrote: “Franck Riester has been appointed Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Attractiveness.”

One social media user responded: “When you think your mastery of a foreign language is better than it is.

“Although he is, in fact, an attractive man.”

While others attempted to correct the French Ministry.

One user wrote: “I think a better phrase would be ‘foreign investment’.”

In a following statement on Tuesday in English, Mr Riester, was referred to as the minister for trade and “appeal”.

Then on Wednesday, the head of English-language communications at the French foreign ministry announced the title in English would be “economic attractiveness”.

The French government reshuffle aimed to prepare ministries to help revive the economy after the coronavirus pandemic.

The move came after President Macron promised a reinvention of his term.

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