Horoscope bombshell: Is the new horoscope TRUE? What the new star sign means for YOU

Your star sign is determined by where the sun was in relation to a constellation on the day you were born, and apparently there is more than the 12 constellations we know of. To make space for the new sign, the existing star sign dates have been jiggled about. If you were a Sagittarius before, you could be the snake-bearer Ophiuchus now. Here’s what the new star sign means for YOU.

Astrology believers across the world are furious that their sign has apparently changed, but they might not need to be.

A 2016 article by NASA explained exactly how the 13th horoscope came about, and Ophiucus has been around longer than you’d think.

This rumour has been thrown about for years – it is NOT new discovery.

Thankfully, even if new constellations are discovered, it won’t change your sign from a stubborn Taurus to a fiery Aries.

NASA has not changed the star signs, and it isn’t in their power to change astrology as we know it.

Astrology is not astronomy, the post says.

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Astrologer Russell Grant won’t be making this 13th sign a part of his readings, and here’s why.

He explained: “Yet again there’s a lot of fuss about the ‘discovery’ of a new constellation, Ophiuchus. It’s not new.

“This has come up again and again for years. Will it make a difference to astrology? No!

“Will it make any difference to our astrology if more signs are discovered? – No!”

So what does this new constellation mean? And how will it impact us?

Russell said: “We use the names of the constellations but because the earth wobbles on its axis, these constellations are in a different position to when they were first observed.

“Western astrologers use fixed points to determine a mathematically exact zodiac of 360 degrees.

“The Sun might pass through 13 constellations during the course of a year but not all of these have been assigned an astrological sign.

“This is not because astrologers have not recognised their existence but because the mathematics of our astrology do not require a 13th, 14th or 15th zodiac sign.”

Don’t worry, you can keep ‘Gemini’ in your instagram bio, because it only really matters that Western astrologers are using the same system.

You won’t see the Ophiucus horoscope in the paper any time soon.

The post on NASA’s website has been up since 2016 and was meant to teach the difference between astronomy and astrology.

It says nothing about changing the star signs. You can relax!


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