John Bercow lashes out at 'spiteful and malicious' Boris in furious tirade against PM

John Bercow hit out at Boris Johnson in outrage during a Sky News interview following the expulsion of MP Julian Lewis from the Conservative Party. The former Speaker of the House branded the Prime Minister and his Government “spiteful and malicious” for their actions. This follows a failed attempt by Downing Street to impose their preferred choice, Chris Grayling as chair of Parliament’s intelligence and security committee.

Mr Bercow, a close friend of Mr Lewis’, told Sky that he was sure the now Independent was “disappointed and surprised” by the removal of the Tory whip.

He said: “The Government had been signalling that it had no intention of inerfering or seeking to impose a candidate, but was perfectly ready to leave it to senior parliamentarians on the committee.

“So as senior parliamentarians on the committee exercised their proper role and chose Julian Lewis as the chair, I should imagine he is somewhat taken aback that the Government has reacted in such a spiteful, malicious and frankly petty fashion.

“They had absolutely no business whatsoever interfering in this matter.”

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