Kate Middleton heartbreak: Fears for Prince Louis’ safety in struggles to social distance

The UK saw social distancing and lockdown measures introduced on March 23 to help fight the spread of COVID-19. The Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince William and their children, have been self-isolating in Anmer Hall in Norfolk. Throughout the pandemic the Cambridge royals have been supporting their many charities and making video appearances to support nurses.

Kate recently revealed that Prince Louis is struggling with social distancing measures.

She explained how the two-year-old Prince is coping with the new guidelines to BBC Breakfast.

She said: “I was just saying, Louis doesn’t understand social distancing.

“So he goes out wanting to cuddle everything and particularly any babies younger than him.”

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In the same interview, Mrs Middleton told BBC about her involvement with the Tiny Happy People initiative.

She explained how she met with families involved with creating the charity, and said she wished she could have access to the resources they provide when she first became a mother.

She said: “In the first few months, there’s a huge amount of support from midwives and health visitors.

“But from then onwards, there’s a massive gap before they then start school.”

She then went on to speak about some of the families involved in the initiative, including Ryan, who took part alongside his eight month old daughter named Mia.

She added: “Hearing some of the things from the parents today, Ryan at the beginning, saying how his baby has got five different cries.

“He’s learnt a huge amount from Tiny Happy People and it’s information like that I wish I had had as a first-time mum, but, for so many parents, it’s gold dust really for families to be given those tips and tools to be able to use, particularly in these first five years.”

In April, Duchess Middleton spoke to the BBC about how she and Prince William were talking to their three children about COVID-19.

She said: “It’s been ups-and-downs, like a lot of families self-isolating.

“George is much older than Louis is, but they are aware.

“Although you don’t want to scare them and make it too overwhelming, I think it is appropriate to acknowledge it in the simple ways, in an age-appropriate way.”

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge learnt a brand new skill whilst locked down.

Prince William told a Zoom call of London school children that she had “become quite a pro” at online video conferencing.

He added: “From what started out as perhaps a little bit of shyness on these calls, she’s really come into her own.

“I think it always helps when she’s doing an engagement with children.”

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