Kate Middleton shock: Extraordinary way Kate managed to avoid unflattering paparazzi snaps

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, 38, and Prince William, 38, are the future heads of the British Royal Family and dedicate themselves to serving the monarchy full-time. While the couple are often photographed out at engagements, Kate has managed to maintain her family’s public image by getting behind the camera herself, one royal expert has claimed.

The Telegraph’s royal editor Camilla Tominey claimed that by taking the family photos herself Kate has kept the paparazzi at bay.

Ms Tominey wrote: “Why would any newspapers or magazines want to run grainy long-lens images of the royals in private when they themselves are willing to serve up crystal clear Instagram-style shots?”

Kate is a keen amateur photographer and has taken it upon herself to take her family’s birthday portraits in recent years.

Last weekend a series of sweet new snaps of William playing with his three children were shared to mark his 38th birthday.

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As is was Kate behind the camera she managed to capture Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two, with their guard down as they shared a sweet moment with their dad.

Another striking portrait of William with his father Charles was also shared by Clarence House to mark Father’s Day.

The rare photo was a stark departure from more formal royal portraits and showed Charles leaning into William who had an affection arm round his father’s shoulders.

As Ms Tominey indicates, there is a huge advantage to Royal Family members taking their own photos when it comes to capturing the more human face of the Firm.

The energy reader said: “This is William being in his power and showing the public what he is willing to share.

“The picture of him with his Dad, Prince Charles is so natural, loving and revealing.

“As Charles leans into William, he is saying ‘over to you Son, you can lean on me, I’ve got your back.”

She added: “It makes you wonder if Charles is handing over the reins to William when the Queen is no longer our Queen.”

According to Alison, Charles and William’s body language in the new photo shows they have a special bond.

The energy reader said: “They clearly have a comfortable relationship with shared humour and interests, you can see that in their attire of course and also their facial expressions.”

She added: “The picture of William with the children on his back displays what a wonderful, loving father he is.

“The way he looks back toward them in the photo seems to say ‘I’ve got your back kids’.

“These pictures continue the strategy of showing the British public that they are ‘real’ people able to connect with their public.

“They may be royals, but they still wish to be in reach and therefore aware of life in Britain.”

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