Labour ripped apart for cynically exploiting COVID-19 – 'Opposition for opposition's sake'

Nick Ferrari slammed the Shadow Chancellor over her view on the UK’s recovery plan outlined by Boris Johnson earlier today. Mr Ferrari said during his LBC radio show that the Labour Party were now opposing the Government’s plan for the sake of opposition.

The host said: “I respect the way you and Sir Keir have not been opposing for the sake of opposition.

“But here you seem to be saying that A you don’t think it will happen, B the money has already been spend and C there is no long-standing benefit.

“Well, loads of people will be in work, our high streets will hopefully be in some way reformed and reviewed and we will have better hospitals and schools. 

“I think respectfully that you are opposing for the sake of opposition.”

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The Labour MP replied: “To be fair I didn’t say that it wouldn’t have a long term positive impact.

“We’ve been calling for much of this kind of investment for some time.

“Actually, in many cases, the Government have already committed to this so it’s right that it’s going to be put into place.

“What we need to do before we talk about additional new jobs and making sure investment actually delivers those we need to prevent that extra unemployment in the first place.”

“He believed it was the right thing to get Rebecca Long-Bailey out if she refused to delete the tweet which she did.

“His backers are very pleased, they say that this shows his actions match up to his words.

“It was something that was so toxic for Jeremy Corbyn under the Labour Party.

“It caused such trouble and agony in the Labour Party and among many voters of course in Jewish groups, that him moving swiftly was the right thing to do.

“The risk is and we are already seeing it, is that it reopens some of those bitter tensions in the Labour Party that have been under the surface rather than all over the newspapers.”

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