Lucy Alexander home: Where does Lucy live? Inside beautiful home

Lucy presented on the home renovation show for 13 years before her exit in 2016. Through her time on the show, Lucy was no stranger to home renovation as the show regularly sees buyers transform the properties they won at auction.

This week Lucy shared how amid lockdown restrictions having been eased how she invited a painter into her home.

In a post to her Instagram stories, Lucy asked: “Now government guidelines have relaxed, are you happy to have workmen in your home?”

She went on to say: “Safety measures taken to let my painter into my home to finish off my panelling that he could do so much better.”

Lucy has previously spoken of how she and her husband previously took a risk with their property.

Lucy went on to say how she loved the diversity of the show.

Lucy explained: “One day I’ll be sent to Wales, the next day I’ll be in Canterbury.

“One day I’ll be filming a toilet, the next day I’ll be filming a hotel, and the next day I’ll be filming a new build.

“It was so varied, it was so diverse, but the thing that I loved the most was the people.”


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