Majorca FURY: Locals complain after no-distance boat party in tourist hotspot – PICTURES

Residents have raised concerns about a boat party which saw dozens of revellers attend a gathering at a picturesque cove on the south of the island, according to local newspaper Diario de Mallorca. Shocking photos show three boats floating next to what appears to be a bar on a pier.

Party-goers can be seen celebrating on three boats as well as jet skis near the shore of Playa del Oratori beach, around 12 miles from the island’s capital Palma.

Crowds of young men and women wearing swimming attire can be seen shoulder to shoulder under sun canopies.

Diario de Mallorca reported that people living in the area had warned the local authorities about the boat party.

The revellers are said to have spent Sunday evening playing loud music, much to the annoyance of nearby residents.

Anyone caught at a party which has not been authorised runs the risk of a hefty fine.

However, it is unclear if the local authorities took legal action against the people at this party.

The boat party took place a day before the Balearic Islands government announced a ban on crowds of more than 70 people.

Over the weekend, the Majorca Daily Bulletin reported that tourists were partying “like there’s no such thing as COVID-19”.

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They claimed Roxy’s Beach Bar also on Playa del Oratori beach exceeded its capacity.

Several customers in the bar were found to not be wearing face masks.

From July 20, police in Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca will begin handing out on-the-spot fines of €100 (£90) to anyone caught without a mask.

Tourists and holidaymakers must adhere to the new coronavirus safety measures.

A previous rule meant face masks were mandatory only in indoor public spaces and outdoors when social distancing could not be guaranteed.

Now, they must be donned at all times except at the seaside, the poolside and when swimming.

People will not be fined for removing their face covering when eating or drinking in public.

There is a plea, rather than a directive, to wear a covering once the meal is finished.

The strict rules apply to adults and children over the age of six.

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