Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding chaos as choir divulges Sussex's demands

Karen from the Kingdom Choir said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were very demanding about what they wanted. And even a visit to Kensington Palace could not make up their mind.

The MasterChef contestant said: “They wanted our version of Stand By Me to be like Tracy Chapman’s version of Fast Car in that they wanted it really stripped down and pared back and they wanted it to have less beat.

“But how can any song have less of a beat? Anyway we couldn’t get it right and we did version upon version.

“I think the final version was the 12th version and they didn’t actually get to listen to it before the RoyalWedding itself.

“We took so long getting it right that we ran out of time.”

The performance has been streamed and seen on YouTube 10 million times.And cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason appeared in Radio Times as Karen prepared to compose a classic on MasterChef.


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