Melania Trump made change to 'stand out' as she won't 'fade into background' with Donald

Melania Trump, 50, has been married to the US President Donald Trump, 74, since 2005. Shortly after the couple met, Melania made a change to make sure she stood out, according to a style expert.

He explained the First Lady could have been inspired to update her look when Donald first showed an interest in politics.

“We’ve seen a distinct change in Melania’s style since Trump was inaugurated in early 2017, though the transformation began much earlier,” Gianni told

“Donald’s bid for political office began way back in 2000.

“Since then Melania’s style has been moving away from fun loving party girl to serious political figure, but still keeping to a few of her signature features.


“For example, form fitting materials, bright colours and glamorous accessories.”

Donald was inaugurated in 2017 and Melania became the First Lady of the United States.

While her look became more conservative, she has still made an effort to stand out, the expert explained.

“Melania is a fan of bold colours and tailoring, and isn’t afraid to stand out and wear something eye-catching,” he continued.

“Melania’s style choices demonstrate that she isn’t someone happy to fade into the background, and that she is confident in her position.

“She is not afraid to strike a balance between elegant and sexy, always pairing any outfit with smouldering eye make-up and glamorous waves.”

While she kept some of her signature looks, the mother-of-one has often channeled the style of First Ladies before her.

Gianni said: “When Melania first became involved in the political world it’s clear she went straight for the conservative elegance of predecessors like Jackie O.

“Her style is certainly more conservative and elegant.

“She favours designers including Dolce & Gabbana, Roksanda Ilincic and Ralph Lauren.

“But she still often goes for an off-the-shoulder look or a thigh split, giving a nod to her previous wardrobe.”

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