Melania Trump refuses to follow some First Lady traditions since Donald became President

Melania Trump, 50, has been married to the US President, Donald Trump, 74, since 2005. While there are no official First Lady rules, there are many traditions that have been followed over the years. Which ones has Melania skipped?

Melania and Donald Trump married in Florida on January 22, 2005.

Since then, they have had one child together, Barron Trump, 14.

When they first met, Melania was working in New York as a model.

However, she took on a new role as First Lady when Donald was inaugurated in 2017.

In this position, there are some things the mother-of-one is expected to do.

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She will regularly attend events supporting her husband as well as making official appearances on her own.

However, there are some First Lady traditions she appears to have left behind.

This is what she has refused to follow while in the White House.

Hosting state dinner

At the end of the year, a state dinner is traditionally held at the White House.

Hosting the event is often thought of as the job of the First Lady, however the dinner did not go ahead in 2017.


This could have been Melania’s choice as First Ladies would usually plan the event.

Accompanying visitors

When the White House is visited by the leader of another country, the President will usually spend time with them.

It is traditionally the role of the First Lady to look after their partner.

While Melania has done this on some occasions, she did not when Akie Abe, the wife of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, visited in 2017.

However, a statement from the White House explained this was a decision made by Akie.

It said: “The First Lady was very much looking forward to welcoming Mrs. Abe to the White House upon her arrival in Washington; however, she was informed that Mrs. Abe had previous commitments during her stay in DC.”

Attending the State of Union together

At the beginning of the calendar year, the President will give the State of Union address.

The First Lady usually attends this and will arrive with the President.

In 2018, however, Melania and Donald arrived separated to the address.

A spokesperson for Melania confirmed she arrived alone to honour the guests she sat with.

Speaking to, a body language expert suggested that Melania may take inspiration from the Royal Family rather than former First Ladies.

This could be why she has not carried out all traditions.

Judi explained: “While other First Ladies like Michelle Obama have used very active and expressive body language signals, tending to notch back on the more formal styling, Melania is now, with a pandemic crisis and an election looming, drawing heavily on a more regal vibe to get her messages across.

“It would be easy to imagine that Melania might have used her as a role-model in terms of successful, high-status leadership, as she performed her own versions of ‘The Queen’s Speech’.”


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