MOT extension deadline: When do you have to get your car MOTed?

Although the MOT extension will be a relief to many drivers, Karen Rotberg from BookMyGarage told the MOT extension “may not be as straightforward” as you think.

She said: “With so many cars now going unchecked for over a year, it is imperative that you ensure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy, for the safety of yourself and others.

“You may also be fined £2,500, with three points on your licence, if caught driving a car deemed unsafe.”

She added: “So how do you make sure it’s safe? Around 20 percent of MOT failures are a result of the vehicle’s lights or signalling issues, other common issues are relating to the windscreen wipers, seat belts and tyre tread.

“These are quite simple to check yourself. But if you are unsure, we recommend having a mechanic check your car for you.


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