Move Over Palak Paneer, Surprise Your Family With This Luscious Corn Palak Sabzi


Move Over Palak Paneer, Surprise Your Family With This Luscious Corn Palak Sabzi

HighlightsSpinach is a good source of energy-boosting magnesiumCorns are super versatileCorn palak ki sabzi is sure to be a hit among both kids and

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  • Spinach is a good source of energy-boosting magnesium
  • Corns are super versatile
  • Corn palak ki sabzi is sure to be a hit among both kids and adults alike

If we were to think about the numerous ways our mothers have tried sneaking palak in our foods, we would perhaps need a whole day to list it down. But we all know how important are greens for our overall well-being, hence ruling it out is a strict no-no; what are the options you have then? Make greens fun! And we have an idea that is sure to impress the fussy-eaters at your place, kids and grown-ups, alike. This corn-palak ki sabzi is seasonal, flavourful and super easy to put together too!

Much like palak paneer, the palak here is blended in a fine paste-like consistency, but it is combined with goodness of sweet corns. Yes, you heard us. Corns are all around us right now, and we are not complaining. Crunchy corns can elevate the flavour of just about anything. Here, they make a fantastic pair with the lovely greens tempered with spices.

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Corn palak ki sabzi is ideal to serve at lunch or dinner, you can pair it with rice, roti, naan or any bread of your choice. Corns add a nice contrast in terms of both- texture and flavour. The blended spinach adds a luscious quality to the dish, do not forget to crown it with a spoonful of butter.

This wholesome recipe by Mumbai-based blogger Alpa is a winner. Here is the recipe posted on her channel, “Something’s cooking with Alpa’.

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Try this recipe at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below

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