Next Google Chrome update wants to end the nightmare of expensive mobile bills

Download Later is currently in testing in the Chrome Canary app, which offers users the chance to test and provide feedback on unfinished features. Once Google is happy with how a feature is performing, it will roll out the functionality to Chrome app users worldwide on Mac, Windows, Android, Chrome OS and iOS. Fingers crossed Download Later is given the stamp of approval sooner rather than later.

But if you can’t want, you’ll need to download (without scheduling until tomorrow morning, alas) and load-up the Canary build of Chrome. Enter the following into the address bar and hit the Enter key: chrome://flags.

Search for Enable Download Later as one of the options, then select Enabled from the drop-down menu. You’ll need to restart Chrome Canary to get the feature up-and-running. Of course, if you’re not keen, you can do the inverse to switch off the feature.

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