Nicola Sturgeon dismantled over SNP's 'petty party politics' through COVID-19 crisis

Nicola Sturgeon attracted the fury of Scottish Conservative leader Jackson leader after Cabinet Secretary for Finance Kate Forbes claimed Scotland had only received £21million from the UK Government’s latest recovery package. Mr Carlaw hit back at the SNP politician insisting the people of Scotland had received billions in support through the coronavirus crisis as he urged Mrs Sturgeon to contain her party’s “petty party politics.” Speaking to Sky News, Mr Carlaw said: “What seems to me to be bewildering is that there is a difference between support given being given to the Scottish Government and support being given to Scotland.

“We’ve had £800million worth of support to the people of Scotland, whether it’s through the job retention bonus scheme, whether it’s through the cap cut in VAT, whether it’s through the voucher system which will apply equally across Scotland, whether it’s the training scheme…it doesn’t matter to people in Scotland where that investment comes from.

“What matters is that there’s £800million worth of investment being made in the people of Scotland, £4.3billion in total. And that’s excluding the furlough scheme itself.”

The Scottish Conservatives leader added: “So it seems to me this is very petty politics.

“The Scottish Government have been quick to say at every chance they’re not playing party politics, this looks like party politics with a huge rubber stamp on it.”

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Kate Forbes accused Chancellor Rishi Sunak of lacking imagination with his latest measures to boost the economy and contain unemployment.

Following in the footsteps of Mrs Sturgeon and SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, Ms Forbes also renewed calls for London to grant the Scottish Government additional financial power.

Ms Forbes said: “It falls well short of delivering what is needed to boost the economy and protect jobs.

“There is no new capital spend, no extension to the furlough scheme for hard-hit sectors and no further support for households in financial difficulty. A half-price meal out does not help those struggling to put food on the table.

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“Many of the initiatives are short-lived and do not provide long term certainty for business or households.

She added: “Instead they will simply push the problems back to the end of the year when we will also have to deal with the end of the transition period with the EU.

“Despite announcing new funding measures worth up to £30bn today, most of it bypasses devolution and does not provide the Scottish Government with the funding we need to enable us to tailor an economic response that meets Scotland’s needs.

“Like all governments, we are facing huge spending pressures but we do not have the tools that others have to meet them. Along with the Governments of Wales and Northern Ireland, we set out a reasonable, proportionate set of new financial powers that would enable the Scottish Government to respond effectively. Regrettably, the UK Government has turned a deaf ear to those needs.”


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