Piers Morgan tears apart Remainer James O’Brien's ‘culture war’ tweet with brutal reply

The Good Morning Britain presenter retweeted a post by the LBC host claiming there is no “culture war”. In his tweet, O’Brien said the term is “just a new way of describing disagreements between people who hate racism and discrimination and people who love it”.

But Morgan hit back insisting the Remainer radio presenter’s post “perfectly illustrates” the “culture war”.

The former newspaper editor said: “Ironically, this now-pinned tweet perfectly illustrates the culture war that James claims doesn’t exist.

“Either agree with him about everything – or be damned as a massive racist bigot.”

Many of Morgan’s followers were quick to agree with him.

One commented: “For a supposedly intelligent man @mrjamesob seems to have a very absolutist view of the world.

“Most people I know don’t agree on everything but we get along just fine without having to impose our views on each other.

“Maybe James needs to broaden his horizons.”

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One more said: “Well said Piers. James moans about bigots but then blocks you when you commit the crime of having a different opinion.”

But other Twitter users agreed with the LBC presenter.

One commented: “James is right in this case. You can disagree, but he’s hit the nail on the head.”

Another said: “I don’t agree with James O’Brien on lots of things, but he’s right on this.”

In his tweet, O’Brien said: “There’s no actual ‘culture war’, is there?

“It’s just a new way of describing disagreements between people who hate racism & discrimination & people who love it.

“Meanwhile, ‘woke’ has just replaced ‘politically correct’ as the most pretentious way of saying ‘not a massive bigot’.”


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