Prince Harry sparks furious backlash after latest heartfelt Instagram video backfires

Prince Harry faced the fury of England Rugby fans after he appeared in the organisation’s latest Instagram update thanking supporters for their work during the pandemic. The Duke of Sussex, who is a patron of the Rugby Football Union (RFU), admitted to “missing” the game but insisted the pandemic has not taken away the British “spirit.” Despite his heartfelt message, some England Rugby fans took issues with his appearance in the video after quitting royal life earlier in the year. 

One angry social media user commented on the Instagram update: “WHY would you put Harry in your excellent video when he defected from the crown and country? He isn’t loyal!!! WHY would your do that???!!!”

Another said: “Why the hell is Harry in this? He abandoned his country and still want’s to be relevant.

“You hate the anthem now, yet you still do this?”

One user commented: “You’re a traitor Harry. How can you agree to stop singing swing lo.

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“If this happens I will never look at you or England rugby in the same way and probably not go to another match. And we go to a lot.”

Prince Harry sparked some controversy earlier this week after he backed moves to ban rugby anthem ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” as he claimed the song is “associated with slavery.”

The song was originally written by a freed slave, Wallace Willis, and the lyrics are said to reference the conditions slaves were kept in and the better days to come after freedom.

The National Rugby Union announced they would review the use of the song in light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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