Prince Philip’s staggering confession about Prince Andrew exposed

Nigel Cawthorne, author of ‘Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace’, revealed on a podcast that Philip called Andrew “the boss”. This may be a shock to many, as Philip is often seen as a strict, no-nonsense father and dominant character within the Royal Family. However, it seems that when Andrew was a child, he often got away with many things other children would not, and that essentially made him “the boss”.

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In an episode last month, Ms Gripper interviewed Mr Cawthorne, and the pair were discussing how Andrew would often avoid punishment as a child, and the author revealed: “Even Prince Philip calls [Andrew] ‘the boss’.”

Ms Gripper replied: “Wow, if Prince Philip calls him the boss you know, because Prince Phliip always very much seems like the iron ruler when required in the family.”

She added that Mr Cawthorne in fact wrote a book after the funnier side of Prince Philip, to which he said: “[Philip and Andrew] do share certain characteristics, they both give offence, father and son.”

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prince philip prince andrew

Prince Philip had an unexpected nickname for Prince Andrew (Image: GETTY)

prince andrew philip queen

Prince Andrew chatting to the Queen and Prince Philip at Epsom Derby in 2016 (Image: GETTY)

The revelation came in a discussion about whether Andrew is the Queen’s favourite son.

It has long been claimed that the Queen favoured her third child, with many concerned she must be devastated about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, which has led to him stepping back from royal duties.

Ms Gripper asked Mr Cawthorne about when Andrew was young and various anecdotes about him getting away with a cacophony of mischievous deeds.

She said: “I guess there’s always been this feeling that he might be the Queen’s favourite son, I’m not entirely sure where their theory initiated.

royal family

All eyes on Andrew in this family picture from 1972 (Image: GETTY)

“But certainly if you can get away with putting itching powder in your mum’s bed and not getting grounded for months – and your mum is the Queen – then you’ve clearly managed to get a little bit of…”

She added: “It sounds like he was always the mischievous child who was always getting away with it at home.

“Climbing onto the roof to turn the TV aerial so the Queen wouldn’t be able to watch the racing… I mean, that sounds like a fairly ‘sent them to the tower’ offence.

“And the Queen saying, ‘He’s not always a little ray of sunshine about the home’.”

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prince andrew royal news

A young Prince Andrew waves with his parents in 1964 (Image: GETTY)

In this way, it seems that Andrew’s personality was always very confident and boisterous, to the point where even his parents were running circles around him.

Mr Cawthorne added that there was evidence the Queen and Andrew shared a close relationship into adulthood.

He said: “I love the way she calls him into the Palace and over a cup of afternoon tea she pins another couple of medals on him.

“It’s all totally cosy. ‘Would you like another title?’”

Ms Gripper agreed that it is a “totally different world”.

This story is backed up by another royal biographer, Andrew Morton, in his 1983 book ‘Andrew: The Playboy prince’.

He wrote: “On a chilly February afternoon the young man Prince Philip called ‘The Boss’ came bouncing into the world.

“His arrival herald the star of the Queen’s second family – a source of great joy and pleasure to her.”

prince andrew sarah ferguson

Prince Andrew and then-wife Sarah Ferguson on the Palace balcony with the Queen and Prince Philip (Image: GETTY)

He described how Andrew’s boisterous behaviour sometimes caused issues – for example, one time when having a mock boxing match with his father, one of the right hooks got through and left Philip with a black eye.

The Duke of Edinburgh was headed to a film premiere that night and, as he stepped out of the car, he pointed to the bruise and said: “That was The Boss.”

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