Putin 'wants chaos!' Russian leader to spark NEW Cold War and is 'exploiting divisions'

Author Luke Harding explained Vladimir Putin believes damaging the UK is good for Russia as he revealed the KGB opportunist “wants chaos”. He noted that Putin wants to reignite a new form of the Cold War instead of finding mutual solutions. It comes as Putin has urged Russians to vote for changes that could extend his rule.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Harding said: “Putin wants chaos.

“What you have to understand is he’s not some kind of super villan genius sitting on a leather sofa with flashing buttons making things happen all over the world.

“He’s just a classic KGB opportunist who can sniff out weakness and try to exploit divisions which are already there in the UK and elsewhere in our society and our politics to try and use them to cause damage.

“He thinks what is bad for the UK is good for Russia and vice-versa.

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“He’s not interested in mutual solutions. He’s interested in rewinning a new form of Cold War.”

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