Remoaner Blair calls Brexit ‘total and complete disaster’ – refuses to ditch pro-EU stance

Former Labour leader and Prime Minister Tony Blair argued Brexit was a huge mistake made by the British people. While speaking to Reuters Newsmaker Mr Blair attacked the handling of Brexit by the Conservative Government. Mr Blair was initially asked whether his views had changed on leaving the European Union as the world reflects on the impact of coronavirus.

Reuters Axel Threlfall asked: “Has the pandemic made you reassess?

“Does it, by comparison, feel like a local difficulty, a political problem but not a crisis, something we can figure out and move on from?”

Mr Blair answered: “I am afraid you are never going to convince me that Brexit is anything other than a total and complete disaster.

“I am very sad about it.

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“But I have also, by way of acceptance, think we should make it happen as well as we can.”

Mr Blair then explained what he believed to be the single most important issue when dealing with Brexit and how the Government should best handle it.

He continued: “Here is the single most important thing about Brexit now.

“You have got to get the trade deal however you can manage it, which you can in the end.

“Build it where we have massive common interests, things like energy policy and climate change.

“Build it around issues like development, education, technology.

“The UK needs to search for the areas where we can, sensibly and in mutual interests work with Europe.”

Mr Blair conceded that he accepts that Brexit has happened and the UK will be leaving the EU.

He closed by saying: “Brexit has happened, I deeply regret it but you have got to try and make the best of it now.”



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