Royal history rewritten: Meghan and Harry ‘planned LA move straight after wedding’

Meghan and Harry had intended to split their time equally between the UK and North America when they first approached Megxit discussions with the rest of the Royal Family earlier this year. However, the Queen reportedly thought it was best for the couple to spend the majority of their time away from the UK once they stepped away from their roles as senior royals. Yet ever since the couple’s first turbulent year of marriage, those close to them have speculated that they may relocate to Los Angeles.

An insider told The Sunday Times in April 2018: “More and more friends are worried that they’ll just get on a plane and live in LA and never come back.”

Just in September, Vanity Fair reported that the couple were not entertaining the idea of “leaving their beautiful Frogmore Cottage at Windsor”.

Indeed, an aide told the outlet: “They see it as their lifelong home.”

Yet, in the same month an LA source told Vanity Fair: “They were looking at a place six to nine months ago that they really liked.”

A different source added: “I think the idea is that they will have a property in the States so that they can have a second home to holiday and get away to.”

Insiders also told Vanity Fair that the couple “looked at the details for a fabulous house in Calabasas in LA earlier this year” which would see them rubbing shoulders with A-lister neighbours such as the Kardashians.

One royal source said: “Some people were wondering if the rumoured move to LA had something to do with the Sussexes having had enough of all the press and wanting to move overseas.

“In fact, they have always wanted a second home in LA and at some stage this will be on the cards.”

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However, after the £2.4million taxpayer-funded renovation to Frogmore Cottage, the couples’ close friends also wanted to stop speculation they would permanently move abroad.

Another source told royal correspondent Katie Nicholl: “Harry’s not going to leave the UK, his family and his royal duties.

“That’s not on the cards.”

However, this counters reports from the Sunday Times Magazine from May, which implies that the couple told their friends a long time ago that they were planning to move back to California.

A friend also told the outlet that “Canada was never the forever home”, even though the Sussexes spent weeks there over Christmas.

They explained: “The big plan, for Meghan at least, was always LA.”

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Reports explaining why the couple have decided to move across the Atlantic have varied in recent months.

Some believe their decision was due to the increased friction with the rest of the Royal Family while others believed they wanted to give their son Archie a “normal life” away from the Firm.

Another friend told Vanity Fair: “She was convinced there was a conspiracy against her and so she basically put herself in self isolation when they moved to Frogmore.

“I think she felt like an outsider from the start. This wasn’t the life she was used to and she wanted out.”

Others claim that Meghan’s move was motivated by her desire to see her mother Doria Ragland and that she felt cut off in Windsor.

Yet, one of the Duke’s friends told the Times earlier this year: “It’s not been easy for Harry.

“He had a much more established life in England and he doesn’t really know anyone in LA.

“I imagine he might be feeling a bit of what [Meghan] felt over in the UK — lonely and directionless.”

However, Harry is allegedly excited and launched their new charitable venture Archewell.

Meghan’s personal lifestyle blog The Tig may make a return too, after her move back to LA, according to royal expert Myka Meier.

The couple also promised to start repaying the public funds used to renovate Frogmore Cottage in their Megxit agreements.


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