Royal revelation: Harry’s new battle triggered by struggle Meghan faced 'under the radar'

The Duke of Sussex spoke about the racism during an interview with US civil rights campaigner Rashad Robinson. He said racism was not just “down to the black community” to deal with.

The author of the new biography about the Sussexes, Omid Scobie, told National Public Radio that after seeing the Duchess of Sussex face attacks Prince Harry’s “journey to wokeness” was complete.

He said: “Harry’s journey to wokeness has been very public.

“We’ve seen him learning and educating himself along the way, but this experience of witnessing Meghan face racist remarks and commentary would have been the first time he’d seen someone in his life or someone he was particularly close to affected by it in a certain way.”

Mr Scobie added: “We talk about some of the more obvious examples in some of the media coverage but I think that the things that have flown under the radar are some of the othering of Meghan we’ve seen.

“We’ve sort of seen it repeatedly that she’s not one of us. And now, what do they mean by not one of us?

“And I think there are things like that which Harry’s really had to become more attuned to and learn to see when it happens in front of him. And Meghan would have been the person that guided him on that journey.”

It comes as Prince Harry revealed that he and his wife had spoken to a “number of CEOs” urging them to “put principles over profit” during the interview with Mr Robinson.

The Duke said: “As we’ve discussed before, it is going to take every single one of us, this is not just down to the black community, it’s going to take every single person on the planet right now.”

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Clips of the interview were shared on Instagram with the full interview set to be released soon.

In the interview, Mr Robinson said: “Part of this work, part of this moment that we’re in, is that making sure from analysis to action that we drive action toward structural and systemic change.

“Changing the rules that have held people back.”

Prince Harry said: “You say this so beautifully Rashard, and it’s so true.

“There’s so much that has happened for so long and once those problems exist, charity is crucial in so many ways but it can’t fix the problem. The problems already exist, and are too big.

“As I’ve said to you before, it’s like bringing a bucket of water to a forest fire.”

He added: “We have to go to the root of the problem, the source of the problem, and actually fix it there.”

Prince Harry also praised the younger generation for “leading the movement”.

Mr Scobie, an author of the upcoming book Finding Freedom about the Sussexes’ split from the Royal Family, said the Duchess of Sussex played a pivotal role in Prince Harry’s awareness of racism.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said they did not participate in the making of Finding Freedom.

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