RV sales and rentals booming all over the country

PLAINS, Pa. — As folks change their vacation plans this summer, RV sales are soaring.

It is busy at Wide World RV Center near Wilkes-Barre. The phones are ringing off the hook with people looking to buy recreational vehicles.

“I think they were maybe all going to condos and beaches and now they’re going to have an experience in a more family-oriented type vacation. Campgrounds are always friendly places, you get to know your neighbor, even with social distancing, sitting at a campfire,” said Maria Torre of Wide World RV Center.

Nationwide, RV sales and rentals are breaking records.

“They are definitely the first-time buyer that has never even thought about camping before and now they’re out here experiencing this type of camping, memories that they’ll have,” said Torre.

At Wide World, they are mostly selling smaller RVs to these first-time buyers.

“They’re looking for that smaller camper, they’re looking for the single axle with bunk beds or couples, it’s both but they are ready to vacation and they are looking for the best way to do it and they’re looking for these campers.”

Torre said these buyers are mostly shopping online, know just what they want, and are quick to make the purchase. She anticipates this trend will continue.


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