Schools guidance: What are the rules for when schools reopen? What is a school bubble?

Schools could be told to create school bubbles amid the coronavirus pandemic according to Government plans. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Education Secretary Gavin Williamson have this week confirmed full-time education will be compulsory for all pupils from September. But many parents are still concerned about the safety of their children amid the COVID-19 crisis. explains what the new rules for schools will be and how school bubbles will work.

Schools across the UK were closed from March 20 to June 1 in a bid to protect Britons from coronavirus.

Primary school pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six were able to return to school from June 1.

While secondary school pupils in Year 10 and Year 12 have been and will be invited back from June 15 until the summer holidays in a bid to prepare them for their exams next year.

But ahead of all schools reopening to all pupils in September, the Department of Education has set out guidance to explain how schools will operate, including an expansion of the “protective bubble” system already used in schools.

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The other rules which come into effect from September include:

  • Grouping children together in groups or “bubbles”
  • In primary this will be a class, in secondary a year group
  • Avoiding contact between these groups during the school day
  • Separate starting, finishing, lunch and break times
  • Regular cleaning hands
  • Those with symptoms told to stay out of school
  • No big group events like school assemblies
  • Arranging classrooms with forward-facing desks
  • Separate groups on school buses
  • Discouraging the use of public transport.


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