Sheriff honors man's life-saving actions

WAUPACA, Wis. (WBAY) – A man who took extraordinary efforts to save his friend from drowning was honored Monday by the Waupaca County sheriff.

Sheriff Timothy Wilz says Mason Beaudoin and Parker Brunette were swimming in Casey Lake on the afternoon of May 27 when Brunette went under the water.

Beaudoin estimated his friend was underwater as long as 5 minutes. He found Brunette and pulled him to shore and started CPR because Brunette was struggling to breathe.

He tried calling 911 but couldn’t get a cell signal from the lake, so he put Brunette in his car and drove to get help. At the same time, a deputy was responding to a call from boaters who heard someone yelling for help. The deputy came upon Beaudoin and Brunette, and Brunette was transported to a Waupaca hospital.

“The quick thinking, response, recognition of a medical emergency, immediate action and effective CPR resulted directly in saving his friend’s life,” Sheriff Wilz said.

Beaudoin was presented with an award for his actions.

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