Swollen feet: How to get rid of swollen feet – does drinking water help?

Swollen feet are often caused by a build up of a fluid called oedema. You’ll know you have oedema if your ankles, feet or legs appear swollen, puffy, or the skin is shiny, stretched or red.

Oedema commonly builds up in the feet, ankles, legs, and is caused by:

• Standing or sitting in the same position for too long
• Eating too much salty food
• Being overweight
• Being pregnant
• Taking certain medicines – such as some blood pressure medicines, contraceptive pills, antidepressants or steroids

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Does drinking water help?

Sometimes drinking lots of water will help, but it depends on the cause of your swollen feet.

Drinking alcohol can lead to swollen feet because your body retains more water after drinking.

If that’s why your feet are swollen, drinking lots of water or even soaking your feet in cool water could help.

When it’s hot, fluids collect in the ankles and feet. So remember to stay hydrated and soak your feet in cool water if needed.

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