Ewan McGregor backs SNP bid for independence in celebrity's foul-mouthed anti-Brexit rant

Ewan McGregor, speaking from Los Angeles, has voiced his support for the SNP’s campaign for Scottish independence. The Hollywood celebrity has changed his mind on the issue, after arguing against independence during the 2014 independence referendum. He singled out the Brexit vote as the decisive moment that changed his moment, saying “enough was enough”.

The Scottish actor, who lives in California, told late night show host Bill Maher on US television “probably it’s time” for Scotland to leave the UK.

The Moulin Rouge star said, “I was always for keeping with the Union, I think it worked.

“Then after the Brexit vote I think for sure I’ve changed my tune about it. I think Scotland has been voting for a government that they haven’t been given for years.

“We’re a very left voting country Scotland, and we’ve been under Conservative rule for years all through my childhood and still today so I think really enough is enough.”

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McGregor continued: “The Scottish people want to stay in the European Union, and the English don’t. So I just think we’re going in different directions.

“So I think probably it is time.”

To the laughter of the US audiences, the 49-year-old added: “I think once Boris became prime minister, Scotland was like, ‘Right that’s it, we’re f****** out of here.”

The news delighted SNP activists, with the video quickly circulating on official SNP accounts.

However, Brexiteers and unionists ridiculed the latest independence supporter, pointing out that McGregor haS not lived in Scotland since he was 17 years old.

One person said: “Good of Ewan McGregor to voice his support for Scottish independence from his vantage point in the Hollywood hills. I’m sure the SNP will want the LA Scottish voting.”

Another remarked: “Orkney and Shetland are leaving but hey, Ewan McGregor’s on board!”

Others added: “Remind me where Ewan McGregor actually lives? Scotland? I don’t think so…”

The latest polling found that 53 percent of likely Scottish voters would choose independence at a new referendum, while 47 percent would back the No side.

The Survation poll of 1018 people, carried out between September 2-7, is the seventh in a row to put Yes in the lead.

Anti-Brexit group 'EU Flag Mafia' plots to hijack Last Night of the Proms with stunt

Although the Last Night of the Proms will not have a live audience, the ‘EU Flag Mafia’ group has encouraged supporters to show their support for Europe from home. To show their dislike of Brexit and support for the EU, the group has encouraged its followers to show their flags across all social media platforms. The EU Flag Mafia have previously infilterated four Last Night of the Proms.

They first began their campaign in 2016 in response to Brexit donor, Arron Banks funding money to have Union flags handed out.

In 2017, the group gained notoriety where they managed to hand out approximately 50,000 flags to the audience in attendance.

At the moment whereby the audience shows its pride for Great Britain by waving Union flags during the last performance, live pictures showed some with European colours instead.

From 8pm, the group have urged the public to share themselves waving an EU flag as the event ends.

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Brexit news: Anti-Brexit campaigners plan protest

Brexit news: Anti-Brexit campaigners plan protest (Image: PA)

Brexit news: The group gained notoriety in 2017

Brexit news: The group gained notoriety in 2017 (Image: PA)

The final performance of the Proms has been locked in controversy over the last few weeks.

Initially, the BBC had decided to ban the performance of ‘Rule Britannia!’ and ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ on the final night.

The songs had initially been dropped over the offensive they may cause to some listeners who suggested they had become outdated amid the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Instead of being sung by a group at the Royal Albert Hall, the BBC had planned for them to be replaced by an orchestral version.

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Brexit news: The group hopes to have EU flags shown on social media

Brexit news: The group hopes to have EU flags shown on social media (Image: PA)

Commenting on the original decision, the Prime Minister said: “I cannot believe that the BBC is saying that they will not sing the words of Land of Hope And Glory or Rule Britannia! as they traditionally do at the end of The Last Night of The Proms.

“I think it’s time we stopped our cringing embarrassment about our history, about our traditions, and about our culture, and we stopped this general bout of self-recrimination and wetness.”

Following backlash against the decision, the BBC made a U-turn on the songs.

A select group of singers will now perform the songs at the performance.

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Brexit news: Mr Johnson welcome the change

Brexit news: Mr Johnson welcome the change (Image: PA)

The BBC in a statement: “The pandemic means a different Proms this year and one of the consequences, under Covid-19 restrictions, is we are not able to bring together massed voices.

“For that reason we took the artistic decision not to sing Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory in the Royal Albert Hall.

“We have been looking hard at what else might be possible and we have a solution.

“Both pieces will now include a select group of BBC Singers.

“This means the words will be sung in the Hall, and as we have always made clear, audiences will be free to sing along at home.

“While it can’t be a full choir, and we are unable to have audiences in the Hall, we are doing everything possible to make it special and want a Last Night truly to remember.

“We hope everyone will welcome this solution.

Brexit news: The songs will be played

Brexit news: The songs will be played (Image: PA)

“We think the night itself will be a very special moment for the country – and one that is much needed after a difficult period for everyone.

“It will not be a usual Last Night, but it will be a night not just to look forward to, but to remember.”

Following the decision, the Prime Minister’s spokesman confirmed Mr Johnson welcomed the move.

Scotland's no deal PANIC: Anti-Brexit campaign launched to try to tie Edinburgh to bloc

The eu+me campaign is chaired by former North East Fife MP Stephen Gethins and the campaign’s director is the SNP’s former head of communications, Fergus Mutch. Mr Mutch said the campaign will be a “grassroots-led force for positive change” at a crucial moment in Scotland’s relationship with Europe.

The poll, undertaken by Survation revealed that 65 percent of Scots regret the Brexit result while 62 percent of Scots would want to rejoin the EU.

Meanwhile, the other 38 percent would opt to stay out of the EU, excluding those who answered: “don’t know”.

More than a third (35.7 percent) of the 1,127 Scots surveyed between June 10th and 16th believe the economic impact of coronavirus would have been reduced if the UK remained in the EU.

Following the result, Mr Mutch told Express.co.uk: “We have support from all politicians but we don’t have a Tory member on the board.

“There’s a very real risk that in just over five months time we crash out of the transition period with no deal and irreparably damage the relationships that have maintained peace and prosperity across Europe for over 60 years.”

Mr Mutch stressed that he didn’t have the confidence there would be a deal adding that no deal was the most likely option to occur.

He added: “The UK government has ignored quite a lot of the implications for Scotland and the devolved nations when it comes to Brexit.

“Scotland, however, has done very well for the past few years to give a sense that EU citizens living here are welcome to stay, they make a valuable contribution to communities and workplaces.

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Adding of Scotland’s chances of being able to join the EU if it gains independence, Mr Mutch said: “We stand a very good chance of re-accession to the EU in a fairly reasonable timeframe.

“I suppose the danger is the harder the drop off the cliff-edge at the end of this year, the steeper it is to scale back up.”

Mr Mutch unsuccessfully stood against Conservative MP Andrew Bowie in the West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine constituency in December’s general election.

SNP's anti-Brexit attack stuns Commons as MP brands UK a ‘third-world country' without EU

Jacob Rees-Mogg has rejected demands from the SNP to hold an urgent debate on the status of the Pound Sterling. The Commons leader hit back at SNP MP Douglas Chapman, after he claimed the UK would become a third-world country after Brexit. During a debate on Thursday in the House of Commons, the SNP’s Douglas Chapman asked Commons Leader Jacob Rees-Mogg about the “impending Sterling crisis and the economic elephant in the room, Brexit”.

Mr Chapman said: “A Bank of America report in the Financial Times yesterday suggests that, post-Brexit, the Pound will be weak and volatile.

“A situation that the Leader of the House will fully recognise will only help the spivs and the speculators.

“Before we move to third-world currency status, will he agree to a debate in Government time on the weakness and volatility of the Pound in a post-Brexit Britain?”

Mr Rees-Mogg quickly shut down the SNP’s criticism, responding: “I spent decades in the City and you could always find some silly analyst to write some silly report and the FT to report it.”

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Following the rebuke, the SNP MP tweeted: “As we take measures towards recovery, the UK Government ignores the impending Sterling crisis and the economic elephant in the room… Brexit!

“Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks he can make a joke about it. I’ll continue to trust FT and Bank of America.”

This comes as Bank of America currency analysts claimed this week that the Pound Sterling was as unstable as developing country currency due to Brexit.

The analysts said: “We believe sterling is in the process of evolving into a currency that resembles the underlying reality of the British economy: small and shrinking.” 

Mr Sharma said that movements in the currency since the June 2016 Brexit vote have become “neurotic at best, unfathomable at worst”. 

He added: “A more bespoke view of the pound is required and one that would take an EM-esque view.”

The SNP have regularly criticised the Government on Brexit, with party leader Nicola Sturgeon calling for an extension over fears a trade deal will not be agreed in time, forcing a no deal Brexit.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly vowed the Brexit transition period with the EU will end as planned on December 31 despite the COVID-19 pandemic