Asda has loyalty card to rival Tesco, Sainsbury's and Lidl – here's how to earn £15

Supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Lidl all offer reward programmes to shoppers. Asda has brought back its loyalty card to get shoppers saving money in time for Christmas.

Those who shop at Asda can start saving now every time they visit by signing up for a card.

While Asda does not have a general loyalty card scheme, the Christmas savers card is introduced each year to help shoppers organise the holiday.

However, those hoping to save must act quickly as they only have until November 15 to build up reward.

How does it work?

Customers can pick up a savers card in-store and register it online to protect the savings.


Each time they shop in a store, they can add a few pounds extra into their savings account.

Depending on how much you save, Asda tops up the account with bonuses to spend on Christmas stock.

Shoppers get £1 added when they save £30, £3 when they save £80, £6 when they save £130, £9 when they save £180 and £12 when saving £230.

Those who put away more than £280 will receive the top bonus of £15 from the supermarket.

All the funds earned before the November deadline can be spent like money in stores in December.

The funds can be put toward Christmas essentials such as food, decorations or festive clothing.

A statement on the Asda website reads: “Take the pressure off December by spreading the cost of Christmas throughout the year with the Asda Christmas Savings Card.

“The idea of the Asda Christmas Savings Card is a card and key fob, you can keep a card in your purse or wallet to top-up a few pounds here and there with your weekly shop throughout the year, and give the key fob to another family member who can do the same.

“The cards are linked so all the savings will stay in one central place.

“When you come to spend your savings and bonus, you can do so in-store at any of our checkouts, including Self Checkout and Scan & Go and also on”

The retailer explained shoppers can spend their savings online or in-store. 

Sainsbury's Nectar Card new scheme – get hundreds of extra points buying these foods

Sainsbury’s new Nectar Card initiative will give shoppers extra points for buying more fruit and vegetables. Hundreds of extra points are up for grabs.

“We hope our customers enjoy taking part, while getting more out of their points balance.”

Where did Sainsbury’s rank among Britain’s cheapest supermarkets? 

According to research by Which?, Aldi was the cheapest supermarket last month for a trolley load of 74 items.

Sainsbury’s came sixth after Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Tesco and Morrisons.

Customers who enjoy attractive blooms in their house will now have greater choice in many stores.

The chain is doubling the number of expert florists in stores to 180.

The bouquets will be created in store, freshly, made to order.

Across the UK there will be over 100 florists in Morrisons stores.

Sainsbury's offers clever hack to get bonus Nectar card points – but you must act fast

Sainsbury’s Nectar card points are a perk for those who shop with the supermarket. Customers earn points while they shop that can be exchanged for discounts and perks.

They can be used for deals on brands including Sainsbury’s, Argos, eBay and ASOS.

This week, the retailer has launched a new initiative to help customers pick up extra points.

By using the Nectar app or website, shoppers will gather extra points by buying fruit and vegetables.

This is part of the supermarket’s new scheme, ‘The Great Big Fruit and Veg Challenge’.

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How does it work?

A new tracker is available and can be accessed on the app and website.

It is personalised to each customer based on their usual shopping habits.

Targets are laid out based on what shoppers usually buy and there are three levels to complete.


Those who shop in Sainsbury’s will then be rewarded for increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables they buy each week.

Once the personalised target is met, the shopper will be given extra Nectar points.

For example, shoppers could earn 100 points for buying 50 portions, 200 points for buying 75 portions and 300 points when picking up 100 portions.

The promotion – that began yesterday – will run until October 4 only giving shoppers a short amount of time to reach their goals.

“We hope our customers enjoy taking part while getting more out of their points balance.”

Nectar points can be earned when buying groceries, filling up on petrol or booking a holiday.

While the rewards scheme is owned by Sainsbury’s, shoppers can collect points when shopping at nearly 400 retailers.

Points can be exchanged for vouchers that are valid on shopping and travel vouchers, day trips and cinema tickets.

Send a birthday card to the oldest living WWII veteran in the US as he turns 111

Lawrence Brooks served as a support worker in the predominantly Black American 91st Engineer Battalion stationed in New Guinea and then the Philippines and reached the rank of private first class during the war. On September 12, he celebrates his 111th birthday.

The National World War II Museum in New Orleans has thrown parties for the past five years to honor Brooks. Last year, family, veterans, and current military service members celebrated the veteran’s new milestone at the museum, with cupcakes and a musical performance by the museum’s vocal trio, the Victory Belles.

But this year, due to the pandemic, the celebration will look a little different.

The museum is asking Americans around the country to send birthday cards.

“We just thought there has to be some way that we can still celebrate him in a way that is safe but also gets more people involved,” said Amber Mitchell, Assistant Director of Public Engagement at the National World War II Museum.

“If we aren’t able to gather in ways that we’re used to, we can always invent new ways to connect or rediscover old ways, like you would with a birthday card,” Mitchell told CNN.

Mitchell said it’s important to celebrate the stories of real heroes like Brooks while they’re with us.

Brooks holds a photo of himself from 1943.

“I mean, who doesn’t want to write a card to a person who’s 111 years old?” Mitchel asked.

Several hundred cards, gifts and flowers have been sent already. Mitchell expects between 500 and 1,000 cards.

On the big day, a small group of museum staff will deliver the cards to Brook at his home for a private celebration. Staff plans to wear face masks and practice social distancing. The Victory Belles will still serenade him.

To join the celebration, send a card to:

The National WWII Museum

c/o Happy 111th Mr. Brooks!

945 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA 70130

DVLA email scam: Chiefs say new car tax message demanding card details is ‘not from us'

DVLA revealed they would not send messages relating to tax or refunds while replying to a motorist’s confused plea on social media. The latest email scam even contains convincing details such as the official GOV.UK logo and a similar font used by the DVLA online.

He said: “@DVLAgovuk are you aware there’s e-mail like this going around asking people to pay their road tax.

“I don’t owe you anything, so please investigate, just received this email, I suspect it’s a scam, I don’t click on links that easily.”

Just a day later, the DVLA replied with confirmation that the email was not sent from them.

The statement said: “Hi, no that’s not from us, DVLA would not send any text messages relating to any vehicles enquiries such as taxing or refunds.

The road user who shared the message urging drivers to not be caught out by the latest fraudulent email.

She said: “Watch out everyone, received a very convincing email claiming my car tax was not authorised. I checked on the DVLA website and it is.”

The latest message comes just days after the DVLA warned drivers about a fake message which also warned drivers to “update” their “direct debit details”.

The message also tried to trick drivers with the use of a hyperlink which contained the words DVLA.

The DVLA has previously warned drivers who may have become a victim of a scam to contact the police and Action Fraud immediately.

David Pope. DVLA chief information security officer has previously said: “All our tax refunds are generated automatically after a motorist has told us they have sold, scrapped or transferred their vehicle to someone else so we don’t ask for anyone to get in touch with us to claim their refund.

“We want to protect the public and if something seems too good to be true, then it almost certainly is. The only trusted source of DVLA information is GOV.UK.”

Sainsbury's Nectar Card changes will be implemented in weeks – check updates here

Sainsbury’s Nectar card points are collected per pound. Five hundred are worth £2.50 at Sainsbury’s and you can spend your points in store or online. However, some changes are coming in current weeks.

“You will also be able to login using the same My ID details on both Nectar and Sainsbury’s Groceries, so you don’t have to remember more than one password.”

This is the just beginning of changes to make using Nectar cards easier, the spokesperson said.

“In future we will roll out more changes to making managing accounts easier, including only needing to update account details in one place,” they said.

“Don’t worry nothing else about your account changes. Your communication preferences stay the same for each account, and your data remains safe and secure.

Posting the update on Twitter, Morrisons stated: “This week we’re introducing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme into stores.

“The initiative acts as a discreet sign that somebody has a hidden disability.

“If you have a hidden disability and want a lanyard, please collect one free from the customer service desk.”

However, it’s not mandatory to wear a lanyard.

Face mask exemption cards: Do you need an exemption card to not wear mask? How to get one?

The effectiveness and potential benefits of wearing a face mask or covering is a topic that has been debated since the pandemic began, and UK guidelines have become more strict as the months have passed. England has now followed Scotland’s example by making face coverings mandatory in shops and supermarkets from July 24. Masks and coverings have been compulsory on public transport in England since June 15. But, what about those who cannot wear a mask or covering for health reasons?

Do you need an exemption card to not wear a face mask?

In short, yes. In order not to wear a face mask in shops you will need to display an exemption card.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “There is evidence that face coverings increase confidence in people to shop.

“The British Retail Consortium has said that together with other social distancing measures, face coverings can make shoppers feel even more confident about returning to the high street.

“We have therefore come to the decision that face coverings should be mandatory in shops and supermarkets.”

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How do you get an exemption card?

The charity Hidden Disabilities has created the face mask exemption card in response to the number of people who are unable to wear one.

However, exemption cardholders will have to qualify with the above requirements or face a fine of up to £100.

The card, which is designed to be worn on a lanyard, costs just 55p and features the charity’s sunflower logo.

The purpose of the card is to indicate if the wearer has a disability which may not be immediately obvious.

The card does not carry any official status as proof, but the charity hopes that it will give people with hidden disabilities the confidence to go into stores without a mask.

The organisation’s website states: “The Hidden Disabilities face-covering exempt card indicates that the wearer has a hidden disability and has a reasonable excuse for not wearing a face covering.

“Businesses who are members of the scheme are aware of our card and provide support, help, assistance or simply a little more time to those wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

“However, please note that shops and public transport can still refuse you entry if you are not wearing a face covering.”

You can help a Georgia woman celebrate turning 105. All it takes is a birthday card

Helen Mangham was born on August 2, 1915. Woodrow Wilson was president and America had not yet entered World War I. In 2020, she still lives on her own in Lifsey Springs, a rural area in Pike County, about an hour south of Atlanta.

She’s well-known and loved in the community and her granddaughter said the family was planning to celebrate with a reception with more than 100 guests.

“Due to Covid-19 this year, we’re having to do things a little differently,” Pam Vickers told CNN. They’re now planning a smaller gathering with just the immediate family.

Mangham loves to read her Bible and watch TV and she enjoys getting mail, so the cards will be a treat, her granddaughter said.

“Even when she gets just a few cards for Christmas or her birthdays in the past, it has just made her so happy,” Vickers said. “So I wanted to try to reach out to the world, actually, and just see how many cards we could get for her.”

Vickers is asking people to send birthday cards to her, so the family can surprise her grandmother with all the cards and messages on the big day.

The address is 257 Wallie Road, Molena, Georgia, 30258, if you’d like to send a card.

These Arkansas twins are about to celebrate their 100th birthday

Vickers says her grandmother gets around pretty well and mowed her own yard until she was in her 80s. These days, Vickers cooks meals for her grandmother and Vickers’ father — Mangham’s 85-year-old son — heats them up for her and takes care of things around the house.

“She’s not on any medication, she doesn’t take anything,” Vickers said. “She’s, I guess, as healthy as a 105-year-old can be.”

Her grandmother credits trusting God and living by the Bible for her long life, Vickers said.

Mangham’s mother and grandmothers lived into their 90s and her sisters are still going strong at 103, 101 and 94 years old. Her brother was in his 90s when he died a few years ago.

The siblings earned a Guinness World Record for their longevity in 2016.

They’re expecting five generations of the family at the party, but Vickers says she lives on 20 acres of land, so they’ll be plenty of room to social distance. And there’s a nice air-conditioned spot to protect her grandmother from the Georgia heat.

China’s ‘trump card’ exposed by MoD insider: ‘And it's their Achilles' heel!'

Tensions have risen over the last few months not least due to China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, but also controversy surrounding the state’s links to Huawei – which was planned to play a role in Britain’s 5G networks before Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s controversial ban last Tuesday. Meanwhile, both the UK and the US have criticised Beijing over its introduction of a new security law in Hong Kong, which threatens the democracy of the Special Administrative Region, leading the Government to offer the 350,000 current British National Overseas residents the opportunity to come to the UK, which could rise to three million. But, Chair of the Commons Defence Select Committee, Mr Ellwood, says more must be done to actually penalise China, as he feels the current sanctions are exactly what they would want.

He told “The list of countries that China has influence over grows longer and longer every single year.

“These countries are lured into China’s way of thinking and their voices are neutralised on the international stage.

“This means there are far fewer of us to stand up and confront China and its trade capabilities are so enormous that it uses it for its benefit.

“But it’s actually its Achilles’ heel – the difference between Soviet Russia and China today is that China is only as big as it is because of international trade.

Tobias Ellwood has exposed China's 'trump card'

Tobias Ellwood has exposed China’s ‘trump card’ (Image: GETTY)

Controversy around China has risen following the pandemic

Controversy around China has risen following the pandemic (Image: GETTY)

“So if you add up the trade capabilities of Europe and the United States together, it out-masses China, so that is where we should be pushing forward to and enforcing what it is we believe in the West.

“There’s been an absence of that, a demise in what we are willing to stand up for, what we want to defend.”

The Bournemouth East MP then pointed out the concerning way that China is developing this power, in what he dubbed a “trump card”.

He added: “The power that it yields over international bodies is its trump card.

“You have the military might and the technological capabilities, and that economic clout I just spoke about.

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Huawei has been banned from the UK's 5G network

Huawei has been banned from the UK’s 5G network (Image: GETTY)

“But the best way to prevent anyone challenging you is to actually neutralise their views in the first place.

“There simply isn’t a collective voice to criticise China and that’s because China actually embeds people in the very organisations that are holding countries to account.

“Unfortunately, while it’s doing that – having a greater influence on international organisations across the piece – it’s also buying out shares of companies as well to benefit itself.

“But also, it’s looking to place its own people, so it’s got high-flyers – Harvard and Oxford graduates – placed in United Nations organisations.”

Mr Ellwood explained why he felt the recent actions by the US and the UK are only allowing China to further utilise this “trump card”.

He added: “There are 15 major agencies in the UN, China now runs four of them, the US runs one of them.

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Boris Johnson has offered help to British Overseas Nationals

Boris Johnson has offered help to British Overseas Nationals (Image: GETTY)

Tobias Ellwood has further concerns

Tobias Ellwood has further concerns (Image: GETTY)

“When the US retreats, as they have done from the World Health Organisation, who fills that vacuum? China.

“So we are playing into China’s hands here, and dare I say it with Hong Kong as well.

“Our answer was to give the British National Overseas passport holders a place to go here in the UK, but that means that they are vacating the place that they have been living, where they call home.

“It actually means that we have helped China remove, from their perspective, the undesirable characters. They will happily pass them across to the UK.”

Finally, Mr Ellwood warned that if action is not taken to stand up to China, he fears Beijing will only mirror this aggression in other areas of concern.

He added: “Then we have given up on democracy in Hong Kong.

Mr Ellwood raised concerns over Xi Jinping

Mr Ellwood raised concerns over Xi Jinping (Image: GETTY)

Dominic Raab will speak in Commons today

Dominic Raab will speak in Commons today (Image: GETTY)

“The situation in Hong Kong is just an acute illustration of the liberated aggressive approach that China is now illustrating.

“I think the real change in China came during COVID-19 when the veil was removed and it revealed that this impression that China was going to be part of the international western architecture, when actually – all the time – it has been pursuing a very different agenda.

“President Xi has got the job for life and because that facade has dropped it doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks about it anymore.

“So they can charge into Hong Kong and change the rules knowing that the West is too weak, too diversified to stand up to it.

“I’m afraid that the next step of advance is in the South China Sea – which they are now dominating – and the one after that will be Taiwan.”

This morning it was reported that Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is expected to also suspend the UK’s extradition treaty with Hong Kong amid the rising tensions.

The arrangement has been in place for more than 30 years and means that, if someone in Hong Kong is suspected of a crime in the UK, then the British authorities can ask Hong Kong to hand them over to face justice – and vice versa.

Hong Kong has extradition agreements with 19 other countries apart from the UK, including Canada and Australia, which have already suspended theirs.

Mr Raab is due to make a statement to Parliament later.

LeBron James trading card sells for $1.8M

The card features James, now at the Los Angeles Lakers, during his 2003-04 rookie season at hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers and is now the most expensive basketball card ever purchased.

According to the NBA, the signed card was one of only 23 produced and received a “9.5 mint gem” condition grading. It also features a piece of James’ Cavaliers jersey.

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Bidding started at $150,000 and attracted 34 bids during the 26-day auction, the NBA said. It surpassed the previous record of $923,000 for the most expensive modern-era trading card — those made in 1980 or later — set by a card featuring baseball star Mike Trout in May.

The Lakers currently sit top of the NBA’s western conference ahead of the season restart on July 30 at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

James, a four-time NBA MVP and 16-time NBA All-star, is bidding to win his fourth NBA title.