Ethical designer unveils new collection made from recycled spectacle lenses

Waste is a serious issue in the eyewear industry with a small optician typically binning 200 new display lenses a week. To combat waste, Yair Neuman decided to repurpose lenses otherwise destined for the dump and transform them into striking, sculptural lights. His ‘Lens Light collection’ is made up of hanging spheres, flower lamps, pendants, a fan-shaped base light, and a vase light.

The London-based designer, who has partnered with modern spectacle maker Cubitts on the project, said: “Witnessing the enormous waste generated in the processes of selling eyewear was the beginning of this project.

“By simply collecting these lenses, experimenting to make a new material, we now have, in effect, a new supply chain.”

At Cubitts, as with most eyewear stores, frames are displayed with dummy ‘plano’ lenses that are replaced with prescription lenses once selected by the customer.

They are made from optical grade polycarbonate and usually destined for landfill.

Experimenting in his studio, Neuman developed a method to fuse the lenses into a sheet material.

He creates texture in the pressed sheets by working with the lens form and curve direction, shaping the sheets using jigs, manual moulding and freehand, to create the six unique lights.

The material captures and emits light, with its gleaming iridescent surfaces while embedded filters in the lenses mean colours change depending on the viewing angle.

Neuman’s strong belief that ethical making should come first in the conception of products is in line with Cubitts’ own sustainability philosophy, which puts reducing their environmental impact at the centre of its product development.

In the past, Cubitts has made spectacle cleaning cloths from recycled plastic bottles, spectacle cases cut from a pattern that utilises every bit of fabric, and spectacle chains made from their own acetate off cuts.

Neuman added: “Cubitts has been singular in their support to make this installation happen.

“Most of all the Lens Lights are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, thought-provoking and honest.”

The Lens Light collection, in collaboration with Cubitts, is installed at their eyewear firm’s Coal Drops Yard shop in King’s Cross, London, until September 20.

Melania Trump shows off designer wardrobe in full navy outfit at the White House

Melania Trump is known for her expensive fashion choices with a wardrobe full of designer outfits. For her most recent appearance, the former model opted for one of her designer favourites whilst also matching colours with her husband Donald Trump. Keeping her look minimalistic, the dress had some bold detailing that comes with a hefty price tag.  

The white high heels matched the beaded embroidery on the dress to pull the look together. 

The soles of the shoes were red in colour, revealing them to be designer Christian Louboutin – this pair retail for £525.

Melania is often seen sporting these shoes as well as having a range of different coloured ones in her wardrobe. 

The Slovenian-born First Lady accessorised the look with minimal jewellery wearing two sparkling platinum and diamond rings. 

The First Lady stepped out with husband Donald Trump in similar shades of navy with Donald matching his wife in a navy suit. 

Donald paired his look with a navy and red tie, giving the couple a very patriotic look as they stood together on the White Houses’ North Lawn. 

Posting photos to her Instagram account, Melania wrote: “A historic day here at the @WhiteHouse as @POTUS works to rebuild trust with our regional partners in #Israel, #UAE & the Kingdom of #Bahrain, identify their shared interests & move away from the conflicts of the past.”

Thousands of fans rushed to the photos comments to share their love for the First Lady.

One comment read: “You look beautiful as always!”

Another said: “So unbelievably amazing!”

“You are flawless,” another person wrote. 

Top designer Ian Callum says bespoke Aston Martin Vanquish ‘won’t feel like the old car'

The new Vanquish will include over 350 engineering, material and design changes suitable for modern environments. The major selling point is the personalisation of the models with customers able to work alongside the legendary designer on a range of bespoke features.

When asked whether an extension could be offered based on positive sales of the car, he quickly denied this would be the case.

Speaking to, Mr Callum said: “No, absolutely not. For two reasons, one is if you say you’re making a limited number it has to remain authentic to that otherwise you’re just going to annoy your customers and you’re going to devalue the cars.

“Secondly by the time we get to 25 we will be wanting to get on with the next project.

“We have already started new projects. But after 25 cars – it will take two to three years to build – we will be wanting to get onto the next car by then so we have no intention of building more than 25.

“A few people have come up to me and said could you sell me these parts separately so I can put them on my vanquish, and the answer is no.

“When you see this car with the details we’ve changed, these will be the only Vanquishes with these parts on it.

“We will not be selling these parts to anyone else to jazz up their own car, it comes as a whole. I see these as a work of art and we will not compromise in any way.”

Mr Callum promises the new model “won’t feel like the old car” after a range of upgrades. 

The new car’s interior has also been fully reworked with luxury in mind. Scottish Bridge of Weir leather is a key feature with Mr Callum claiming this will be the car’s “biggest change”.

Having been the designer of the original Vanquish back in 2001, he admits the interior was not something he was satisfied with and aimed for redemption this time around.

He told “To the customer, the biggest change will be the interior, every panel of the interior.

“When we did the car originally I wasn’t 100 percent satisfied with the interior for a number of reasons, It wasn’t anybody’s fault it’s just the way we had to make a modern production interior under very very difficult circumstances.

“Because it’s a bespoke car the interior now is handmade with carbon parts, re-trimmed leather and reformed seats.

“We’ve now come up with of course better technology in the interior and a much better aesthetic and overall and above much better craftsmanship.

“Anybody will see that immediately when they get into it. It’s a much different car. The interior is the big difference.”

Sir Terence Conran net worth: Designer and restaurateur’s great fortune

The Design Museum released a statement about Conran’s death today.

It said he died “peacefully” at his Barton Court home and described his as a “visionary who enjoyed an extraordinary life and career that revolutionised the way we live in Britain”.

The statement continued: “A proud patriot, Sir Terence promoted the best of British design, culture and the arts around the world and at the heart of everything he did was a very simple belief that good design improves the quality of people’s lives.

“From the late forties to the present day, his energy and creativity thrived in his shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels and through his many design, architecture and furniture making businesses.

Sir Terence Conran dead: Tributes to 'proud patriot' designer, retailer and restaurateur

The designer, retailer and restaurateur died “peacefully” at his Barton Court home, the statement released by the Design Museum said.

It described Sir Terence as a “visionary who enjoyed an extraordinary life and career that revolutionised the way we live in Britain”.

The statement added: “A proud patriot, Sir Terence promoted the best of British design, culture and the arts around the world and at the heart of everything he did was a very simple belief that good design improves the quality of people’s lives.

“From the late forties to the present day, his energy and creativity thrived in his shops, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels and through his many design, architecture and furniture making businesses.

“Founding the Design Museum in London was one of his proudest moments and through its endeavours he remained a relentless champion of the importance of education to young people in the creative industries.

“Sir Terence enjoyed a remarkable life to the full and always maintained that his work never felt like a job – everything he did for business he would have done for pleasure.

“In his private life he was adored by his family and friends and we will miss him dearly.

“It gives us great comfort to know that many of you will mourn with us but we ask that you celebrate Terence’s extraordinary legacy and contribution to the country he loved so dearly.”


Community gathers, paints BLM street mural

The painting might have happened over the weekend, but the mural was a long time in the works

“I actually got a call from a friend of mine that said they were thinking about creating a mural,” Howard said. “She asked me if I was interested in participating. Of course, I said yes. A few days after that, they asked if I wanted to submit a design.”

Originally the mural was going to be painted on Pine Street, but the process for getting approval to close and paint a state street was not user friendly.

Florence BLM Street Mural 4

S.C. Rep. Terry Alexander and Narzhio the Artist talk Sunday about the Black Lives Mural that was being painted on Barnes Street in Florence.

Barnes Street, a city street, was easier to get approved − and not heavily traveled on holiday weekends.

Howard, though designer of the mural, was one of several artists on hand to supervise and participate in the gargantuan effort.

“It’s a community thing, and I’m just glad to be a part of it,” said Narzhio the Artist, who contributed to the Dope Art Project’s East Palmetto Street motel project. “Seeing the community come together and do something so monumental. …”

“That’s what it’s all about. We’re doing it for them,” Howard said of the children and teens who were pushing rollers or wielding paint brushes.

“We’re thankful for this weather, and we’re thankful for everybody who came out for support, help us create,” said Keneric Crawford, president of Making a Difference.

Designer turns love for beads into thriving business

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A local jewelry designer has turned her love for exotic beads into an international business worn by fashionistas and celebrities alike.

Musa Jewelry combines beads and gemstones into necklaces and bracelets worn for their spiritual and healing properties as well as style.

Working from her home studio in Coconut Grove for the past 15 years, former wardrobe stylist Bobbie Van Der Vlugt began her successful beaded jewelry line called Musa Jewelry as occupational therapy for her mom who had Alzheimer’s.

“I wanted to make her feel useful. We started to create some of my pieces together and funny enough, I would wear them out and people would stop me and ask me, where did you get it? And then they would want to buy it off my body. It sort of grew like that,”  said Van Der Vlugt.

She had always been hunting for beads on her exotic travels.

“I’ve always loved jewelry, so I would collect pieces from Morocco, African pieces, I had Aboriginal beads, I had beads from everywhere,” she said.

Soon, word caught on — loyal customers became collectors, and before she knew celebrities started jumping in on the bead bandwagon. Stars such as Uma Thurman, Lenny Kravitz, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and more. They all wear Musa.

“It’s so so cool, but what I love is it’s always someone that I love and admire and respect. So, I feel like there’s no one that I like don’t like that where’s my jewelry, so it’s like the best brand ambassadors,” she said.

Typically she makes between one to three pieces of each design, often grouping them in families of the same colors or gemstones that can be worn together or mixed and matched. Everything is hand-cut, hand made. Many of the stones match chakras in the body.

“I look at a stone-like turquoise which I actually love for right now. From the Native Americans to the Shamans, the Tibetans, I think how did all these cultures without being able to communicate with each other decide that turquoise is a master healer? SoI feel like a conduit. It’s not really me. It’s the energy of the stones they have a vibration much like we do,” Van Der Vlugt explained.

Amethysts are said to be calming. Citrine is a love, happy and money stone, and so on.

Just this month, Musa has gone international. For their fall/winter collection, Musa by Bobbie, launches her collection for Matches Fashion, a luxury retailer out of the United Kingdom. For Van Der Vlugt, it’s a great feeling to see that others enjoy the benefits of her hard work.

“I love that my work is meaningful,” she said.

For more info, go to

Or Instagram : @musajewelry

Meghan Markle makes like Kate Middleton with designer mask made by Black woman's company

He added: “We are told Meghan’s Face with medical mask is by @RoyalJellyNYC – ‘a New York based Black female founded company’.”

Royal Jelly Harlam states on its website it is a “an African-inspired clothing and home decorating line founded in February 2011.

“All items are 100 percent made in NYC.”

It makes unisex reusable masks. Meghan wore hers with a white shirt and green cargo shorts.

She also wore her Cartier ‘Love’ yellow gold bracelet, which cost in the region of £5,600.

Also on her wrist was her Monica Vinader ‘Linear Chain’ bracelet. It costs £207.54.

Boots offering 50% discount on makeup and designer perfume in summer sale

Boots is the popular high street retailer that has launched its summer sale on haircare, skincare, fragrance, baby clothes as well as electric dental items. There is also free delivery on orders over £30 and Boots loyalty card holders can collect four points for every £1 spent online and in store. Lots of these deals are online only but some will be available in selected boots stores subject to availability.

This includes the popular DIOR Savage Parfum in 60ml which has a saving of £10 currently on it reduced from £74 to £64.

Real Techniques travel makeup brushes are on sale for just £9.99 reduced from £20.99 and are perfect for those on the go.

You can mix and match on thousands of beauty products which can help you make huge savings across many lines.

These include:
• Save £5 with every £20 you spend
• Save £10 with every £40 you spend
• Save £15 with every £60 you spend

The retailer says: “With the Boots app you can:

“Collect 200 Boots Advantage Card Points: When you download the app for the first time.

“Access personalised offers: Link your Advantage Card to get personalised offers sent directly to your phone.

“Use your Advantage Card on your phone: “Check your points balance instantly and collect points every time you shop, by using your card in-store directly from your phone.

“Shop on the go: Order your Boots favourites and redeem your offers on the go.

“Get the latest content: Receive health and beauty content, access to competitions, new product launches and up-coming events.

“Manage your healthcare needs: Order your prescriptions, access online pharmacy clinics, set a vitamin reminder and book in-store appointments from your phone.”

Melania Trump stuns in suffragette white with designer suit to mark important anniversary

Former model Melania Trump, 50, showed off her impressive wardrobe again on Tuesday as she appeared at the special anniversary signing ceremony with her husband President Donald Trump. The First Lady is well known for her taste in high-end designer fashion and updated a recycled outfit for the event. Melania wore a designer white suit to mark the occasion, with a special meaning behind it. 

Melania went for a more classic look for the event, which marks 100 years since the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote.

The Slovenian-born First Lady was dressed in a sharp white designer suit by American fashion designer Michael Kors. 

The slim fitting suit retails for around £1700 ($2,195) and features a modern blazer with an asymmetric hem. 

The sleek jacket was paired with a white knee-length pencil skirt, but Melania also accessorised the look to give it an update. 

READ MORE: Lorraine Kelly wades in on Melania Trump hand holding video

Melania chose to dress all in white for the occasion, joining some of the other guests in a special nod to the suffragette movement. 

White is historically the colour associated with the women’s suffrage movement. 

But aside from the gingham extras, Melania kept the rest of her look simple, with her trademark highlighted hair blow-dried into soft tousles, while for her makeup she kept to her signature smokey eye. 

Photos from the event were posted on the FLOTUS Instagram account. 

The caption read: “100 years ago today, the #19thAmendment was ratified, securing the right to vote for American women. 

She stepped off the plane wearing a camel-coloured shirt dress by British designer Stella McCartney. 

The dress is no longer on sale but was thought to be worth over £500, though it wasn’t the most expensive part of her outfit. 

Melania also carried one of her exclusive Birkin handbags, which can cost from £14,000 a piece. 

The First Lady made headlines for appearing to shun her husband’s hand as she walked down the steps, clutching her bag to her body – though it may also have been a bid to keep her full skirted dress from blowing in the wind.