Kate receives NEW 'princess' title after photography project captures hearts of nation

The Duchess of Cambridge, 38, launched a digital exhibition of photographs taken during the coronavirus pandemic. The Queen has praised how many images captured the “resilience” of the British people. ITV’s royal correspondent Chris Ship spoke to five-year-old Mila, who has been shielding, about how Kate chose her image to be included in the 100 picked.

Speaking on ITV’s Royal rota, Mr Ship said: “Kate is what you might call a ‘real-life princess’.”

Mila told Mr Ship: “There’s a real-life princess who picked my picture and the Queen knows about everything.

“Everyone in this whole entire world will see my picture.”

Producer Lizzie Robinson added: “She summed that up pretty well, didn’t she?”

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Over 31,000 people responded by submitting their own entries. Entrants varied in age from 4 to 75 years old.

In a statement, the Queen said: “It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to look through a number of the portraits that made the final 100 images for the Hold Still photography project.

“The Duchess of Cambridge and I were inspired to see how the photographs have captured the resilience of the British people at such a challenging time, whether that is through celebrating frontline workers, recognising community spirit or showing the efforts of individuals supporting those in need.”

The project is part of the National Gallery which Kate is a patron of.

Speaking about the project the Duchess of Cambridge said: “We’ve all been struck by some of the incredible images we’ve seen which have given us an insight into the experiences and stories of people across the country.

“Some desperately sad images showing the human tragedy of this pandemic and other uplifting pictures showing people coming together to support those more vulnerable.”

People can still take part in the Hold Still lockdown photography project.

A page has been set up on the National Portrait Gallery website dedicated specifically to the project.

Princess Anne wins fans' hearts with these hilarious remarks in new documentary

The documentary, Anne: The Princess Royal at 70, shows the life of the Queen’s daughter on her Gloucestershire estate Gatcombe Park with her husband Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence. Princess Anne has been widely known among royal fans for her extensive schedule which has featured around 500 public engagements a year for half a century.

The programme sheds light on the Princess Royal’s hard-working nature, prompting viewers to express their admiration on Twitter.

One Twitter user wrote: “Pleased #PrincessAnne is getting some positive publicity.

“For me, she should be next in line to the throne.

“She is intelligent, loyal, hard working and down to earth. A definite role model for future generations.”

Another added: “Watching HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal on ITV…. One of my favourite royals.

“Hard working, genuine, fun and family-oriented. Happy Birthday Your Royal Highness!”

A third fan wrote: “Princess Anne is the future Queen that never will be, isn’t she? Let’s face it that woman is committed.”

Another user added: “Princess Anne is the future Queen that never will be, isn’t she? Let’s face it that woman is committed.”

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In a quick remark, the Princess Royal added: “Actually, you don’t need me. You know what I look like!”

The conversation left viewers commenting how amusing the conversation between the two was.

One social media user wrote: “One is amused. Awesome.”

Another fan said: “Brilliant. Princess Anne is great and it’s been lovely watching the Queen during lockdown. Can’t wait to watch this.”

While most other royals have their own social media accounts to share their content to, Princess Anne prefers to show her work on the Queen’s Royal Family platforms.

The documentary shows the Princess humorously explaining her views on Twitter.

She said: “I wouldn’t go anywhere near it if you paid me frankly.”

“With online technology… being in touch is one thing but it’s not quite the same.

“The ability to meet people, that’s what makes the difference.

“I mean, I know what Twitter is but I wouldn’t go anywhere near it if you paid me frankly. But that’s a slightly different issue.”

This guitar-playing skateboarder is warming hearts in pandemic-stricken Atlanta

Flagg’s impromptu performances aboard a Onewheel electric skateboard have helped double the 24-year-old musician’s social media following over the past two weeks and earn him some money during a time when live venues have closed around the city, he told CNN.

On Saturday, from about 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. ET, Flagg earned roughly $300 in tips from people stopping to thank him for his music and to request songs. Since he started playing along the Beltline roughly two weeks ago, he’s performed music by Prince, Jimmy Hendrix and Pop Smoke. Flagg’s equipment includes a small amplifier and two JBL speakers attached to the Onewheel.

Videos of Flagg have circulated around TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, collecting millions of views. The attention has gotten so intense on the trail, Flagg created a shirt with his Cash App and social media profile names.

“That’s what people really enjoy about it; a guy can be walking his dog and be with his girlfriend, and this guy comes up with an electric guitar on a Onewheel and play their favorite love song by John Legend,” Flagg said.

Flagg’s performances come at scary time for Atlanta. The city’s coronavirus case count has forced Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms to roll back its reopening to Phase 1.
'Murder Kroger' has long lived in Atlanta lore. A major rehab may finally put the painful nickname to rest

Phase 1 includes an order for residents to stay home except for essential trips. The city was in Phase 2 of reopening. Last week, Bottoms mandated people within the city limits wear a face covering. Georgia added a record 4,484 new coronavirus case reports in one day, the state’s department of public heath said Friday.

Flagg hope’s his performances help alleviate some of the stress the city is under.

“It was a little bit depressing, seeing people walking around with their heads down during the pandemic. It’s such a joy to be able pull up to somebody and they have no expectation for this to happen. To see their face light up, it brings me joy and I can see why it brings joy to others,” Flagg said.

The real influence behind Diana's Queen of Hearts claim was racy romance novels

In the infamous interview with Martin Bashir, Diana said she did not think she would ever be queen.

She did, however, infamously say: “I’d like to be a queen of people’s hearts, in people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself being Queen of this country. I don’t think many people will want me to be Queen.”

However, some may have noticed the similarity between this sentiment, which spawned headlines and a nickname for the royal, and a book.

That is, at least, according to a new documentary that aired on Channel 5 last night, Princess Diana: In Her Own Words.

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